Indian-made mobile multiplayer shooter Battle Stars: Battle Royale has surpassed 5 million players since its launch in June, making it developer SuperGaming’s fastest-growing title. To celebrate this milestone, we have launched a new map inspired by the city of New Delhi with free updates as Independence Day approaches. Like the critically acclaimed Mumbai map from the first two seasons, this new arena will feature familiar locations like India Gate, the Red Fort, and Connaught Place. The map is now live on Android and iOS platforms, and on August 15th you’ll be able to see the Indian flag hoisted atop key buildings.

SuperGaming founder Christelle D’cruz said in a prepared statement: “With a staggering 20 million matches played in the second season of Battle Stars, we wanted to take the experience even further by bringing Derry into the game. “To do this, we visited Derry, captured its vibe and culture, brought it into the game, and listened to the community. Our new Squad BR feature is also based on community feedback.” There’s some location-specific sound effects coming, like crowd chatter and some new emotes that convey local Derry slang.

Originally, Battle Stars was a small game mode in SuperGaming’s popular social reasoning game Silly Royale, and later expanded into a standalone shooter – essentially building on the success of the latter.Another factor in its popularity is its partnership with YouTubers technical player Also known as Ujjwal Chaurasia, who has 34.9 million subscribers, his likeness was added to the game as a playable character called Techno Quest. For the uninitiated, Battle Stars offers both TDM (team deathmatch) and battle royale modes, the latter of which now gets a Squad BR update that lets you team up with up to two other players (trios), and Jump into the arena to survive and gain victory. Be the last team standing.

In addition to the ability to loot items from corpses, several power-ups have been added. Battle Stars recently wrapped up its 4-week Season 2 multiplayer run, during which players logged 20 million matches and 41 million kills. Those achievements aside, SuperGaming’s main goal is to launch Indus, a standalone Indian futuristic battle royale game where you drop into Virlok’s floating island map, scavenge for supplies, survive, and kill Anyone who stands in your way. Be the last man standing. At certain intervals, a rare resource called Cosmium spawns in a random location on the map, and when collected, grants the player instant victory.

Most recently, the team worked with Google to add support for Project Gameface in Indus, allowing players to use head movements and facial expressions to control in-game actions—targeting those with cognitive and motor disabilities. Back in March, Bandai Namco Entertainment, the publisher of the Dark Souls and Elden Ring games, invested in SuperGaming to create its “IP Metaverse.”

The Battle Stars Derry map is now available for download android and iOS system.

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