FTX crypto exchange reports data breach involving claims agent Kroll
FTX crypto exchange reports data breach involving claims agent Kroll

Defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX has announced that its bankruptcy claims agent, Kroll, suffered a cybersecurity breach in which limited non-sensitive customer data of a particular claimant was leaked. FTX said it is actively monitoring the development to ensure account passwords, systems and funds are not affected.

Struggling Cryptocurrency Exchanges used Platform X notified its customers, creditors and the public on August 25 of the cybersecurity breach at its claims agent, Kroll. The breach resulted in the exposure of non-sensitive customer data of specific claimants related to an ongoing bankruptcy case.

FTX said Kroll is currently advising individuals affected by the cybersecurity incident about the protective measures they can take. Bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange clarifies that its account passwords and systems are still safe.

“This incident occurred at Kroll, and Kroll is notifying affected individuals directly about steps customers can take to protect themselves. FTX account passwords are not maintained by Kroll, and FTX’s own systems were not affected.”

Additionally, FTX debtors have begun communicating with Kroll and are working to monitor developments. Kroll has informed the debtors that they have quickly contained and resolved the incident. Customers are advised to be wary of potentially fraudulent and scam emails posing as entities in bankruptcy proceedings.

Meanwhile, blockchain investigator ZachXBT report FTX customers have received fraudulent emails in which their personal information has been compromised.

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Celsius Network, an encrypted lending platform facing bankruptcy, suffered a data breach that exposed its email records. This breach has had a significant impact on the ongoing bankruptcy reorganization process.

Meanwhile, FTX has hired Galaxy Digital, led by Mike Novogratz, to help manage its sales, staking and hedging efforts. The partnership is intended to support FTX’s efforts to mitigate risks associated with market volatility and optimize returns on its Bitcoin holdings.

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