For some, skydiving is an exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience. For others, it’s the epitome of doom. But for Scale AI co-founder and Passes CEO Lucy Guo, free-falling from 10,000 feet is just one of her many exciting hobbies—despite her fear of heights.

The entrepreneur is an adventurer who earned her skydiving license after completing 25 jumps while camping at the drop zone for seven days. Guo has jumped from planes about 40 times in total – once landing in a cattle field a mile off course – and hopes to one day skydive off Mount Everest.

It’s one of many activities the 28-year-old can list on her extensive resume, which includes founding a generative artificial intelligence startup, completing more than 2,400 Barry Bootcamp workouts and taking a 24-hour trip around the world.

“I would take a 17-hour flight to another country, stay less than 24 hours, and then come back,” Guo told me recently wealth.

Her weekend trips reflect dream itineraries, including destinations such as Paris, Dubai, Italy, Thailand, Spain and South Africa. Guo often flies on these extravagant trips to support her friends performing at music festivals. “Every time I show up at one of their shows, it means a lot to them,” she said.

While 24-hour travel and skydiving around the world are adrenaline-pumping experiences for many, Guo still claims her life is “pretty boring.”

That’s probably because the tech prodigy works around the clock as CEO pass, a Web3 platform for digital creators she created last year. “I’m always on my laptop, computer or phone” — even on weekend getaways, she said. “I’m always answering emails, answering creators when they have questions, etc., so I never ‘take a break’ in that sense.”

Passes’ goal is to turn creators into “big businesses.” Currently, Passes allows fans to pay for personalized one-on-one interactions with their favorite creators through cutting-edge AI features such as chatbots, live streaming, and deepfakes. Although the Web3 platform is still in beta, Guo’s decision to exit beta at the end of this year explains her relentless work ethic and rather ordinary daily life.

Mr. Guo, who lives in Miami, gave wealth Get a sneak peek into her daily routine, starting with a 50-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout.

From Barry’s to BBQ joints

7:30 am: Guo starts her morning by giving her kitten, Sega, food and water.

8:00 AM: Every morning, Guo has a car waiting to take her to Barry’s training camp. The chauffeur service is an added perk of her apartment building’s lavish amenities, which she can afford thanks to her net worth of approximately $437.3 million.

She considers her apartment an investment property because it is “Zaha Hadid’s last work,” she says, and a true architectural masterpiece. She bought the apartment for about $7 million and said she didn’t think it would “depreciate in value.”

She also happens to be a neighbor of professional football star David Beckham, and the two have crossed paths on several occasions. “He was in the elevator a lot,” she said.

8:20 am: Interval fitness classes include 30 minutes of treadmill training and 30 minutes of weight training. In May, Guo reached a milestone and celebrated her 2,400th Bari workout.

“It’s very interesting,” Guo said. “I can run 20 miles an hour on Barry’s treadmill.”

9:00 AM: After the exercise, Guo went home and took a shower before going to work.

“I ride my scooter to work, and it takes about three minutes from my home to the office,” Guo said.

10:00 AM: Once Guo arrives at the office, her day is filled with meetings. She will meet with her design team, website engineers, and pass creators to make sure everything is running smoothly.

“We worked in an office downtown, but since our team was still small, we sublet the other half of the office to a company I actually invested in called MoonPay,” Guo explained.

Guo spends the next 12 hours working at his desk, where he usually eats lunch and dinner.

10:00 pm: When Guo feels social, she goes out to eat with friends. Dinner is usually Korean BBQ or Japanese BBQ at a “vibey” spot in downtown Miami. If she chooses to go out for the night, Guo usually returns home before midnight.

“I would fall asleep between 1 and 2 in the morning, I repeat.”


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