As the end of August looms, OTT platforms have ramped up their content output, providing ample options for people to binge-watch shows and movies throughout the weekend. No one wants to waste time scrolling through streaming apps for hours, so we’re back with a list of movies and shows to keep you entertained.The new Star Wars live-action series Ahsoka Rosario Dawson returns to investigate an emerging threat in a galaxy far, far away, and this is certainly one of the best. It’s already live on Disney+ Hotstar. Meanwhile, on the Indian content front, we have Guns & Gulaabs, a retro crime comedy from Raj & DK that mixes romance, action and nostalgia.

For fans of Indian hip-hop, we have Bajao, which steers the Punjabi pop industry through the eyes of three young filmmakers who find themselves in big trouble. The drama, which marks rapper Raftaar’s first performance, is currently streaming on JioCinema. On the movie front, “Heart of Stone,” starring Gal Gadot and Alia Bhatt, was a big hit and continued in its usual style. Global Rank #1according to Netflix’s chart.

Here’s a guide to what to watch this weekend:


Time: Live
Location: Disney+ Hotstar

Former Jedi Ahsoka Tano makes her long-awaited live-action debut in Dave Feloni’s latest series as she embarks on a new adventure alongside General Thrawn (Russ F. Mikkelsen) embarks on a new adventure, and General Thrawn is about to return as the heir to the Jedi Order. Galactic Empire. Her efforts are complicated by having to deal with her stressful past – especially when her former student Sabine Lane (Natasha Lau Bodizzo) – an explosives expert – she Abandoned in training and thus having conflicts with her teacher. Twi’lek ace pilot Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), the last of the returning trio in Star Wars Rebels, pilots her starship, the Wraith Sail through the stars.

The show will also pit Ahsoka against her former master, Anakin Skywalker, who we know will eventually turn to the dark side and become known as the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Hayden Christensen will reprise the role, presumably touching on why he dropped Ahsoka years ago. Meanwhile, Beran Skoll (Ray Stevenson), honed by the dark forces, and his student Sin (Ivana Sacco) become Ahsoka’s way to save the fragile New Republic. other major obstacles.

first two episodes Ahsoka Now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. The remaining 6 will drop every week, every Tuesday until October 3rd.

The Best Star Wars TV Shows to Watch Before Ahsoka

come down

Time: Live
Venue: Jio Cinemas

Three aspiring young filmmakers – Vader (Tanoji Vilwani), Dari (Sahir Khattar) and Kutcher (Sahir Vaid) – — strikes a deal with questionable hip-hop icon Babar (Ravtar) to make a music video that heralds his comeback to the rap scene. Their lives quickly take a disastrous turn when a night of celebration turns chaotic, causing them to lose a bag of rupees. 20 million in cash, and the rapper is missing. With no memory and a 48-hour countdown, Bajao embarks on a twisted search-and-rescue mission, navigating hip-hop culture and street crime while dealing with a local gangster whom the filmmakers seem to have wronged.

Yes, the last part is very reminiscent of Todd Phillips’ “The Hangover,” and I wouldn’t be surprised if the missing rappers were on their radar the whole time.

Jio Studios launches content board with 62 titles: Raftaar-led Bajao, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki and more

Satya Prem Ki Katha

Time: Live
Where: Amazon Prime Video

Kartik Aaryan stars in this musical love story as Satyaprem aka Sattu, a good-for-nothing law school dropout who always dreams of marrying a beautiful woman but is rejected for losing his job reject. However, he doesn’t realize this until much later, when he meets Kesha (Kira Advani), a charming dancer who is way above his level and wants to marry An ideal husband – and Satya Prem is not.

Still, fate had different plans for him, and the two ended up getting married, much to Kaisha’s dismay, forcing Satu to improve her ways and become a worthy husband while learning her dark secret. Satyaprem Ki Katha is director Sameer Vidwans’ debut Hindi film and stars Gajraj Rao (Maja Ma), Supriya Pathak (Rashmi Rocket) and Rajpal Yadav (Phir Hera Pheri).

heart of stone

Time: Live
Location: Netflix

Gal Gadot Now Plays Rachel Stone, a Charter Worker, After a Slick Heist on Netflix’s Red Notice The international spy agency, Charter is an elusive organization with no political leanings that relies on a mysterious asset called the Heart to keep order. its daily tasks. It’s basically a powerful artificial intelligence that tracks a person’s digital footprint, creating data that helps predict potential global threats and provides the odds of successfully stopping them. The prize is quickly stolen by mysterious hacker Koya Dhawan (Alia Bhatt), who embarks on a globe-trotting hunt across snow-capped mountaintops, and even makes some dangerous aerial flights.

Hearts of Stone also stars Jamie Dornan (belfast) as MI6 agent Parker, Matthias Schweichöfer (Undead Legion) as Charter’s technologist Jack of Hearts, and Sophie Okedo (Hotel Rwanda) as its leader, Nomad.

Guns and Gulabs

Time: Live
Location: Netflix

An ode to mid-’90s Bollywood, “Guns and Gulabs” focuses on the fictional cartel-run town of Gulaabganj, where a group of eccentric characters try to make a name for themselves. Among them, Rajkumar Rao (“Monica,” “Honey”) plays Paana Tipu, a lovesick mechanic distraught by the death of his father Chaos, he murdered several thugs by shoving a wrench down their throats. Hence the first name: Paana.

Then there’s Chhotu Ganchi (Adarsh ​​Gourav), the reluctant heir to a drug empire who’s struggling to transport vast quantities of opium, bent on making his father proud. Adding some spice to this interconnected drama is a goofy local assassin named “4 Cut Aatmaram” (Gurshan Devaya), who is notorious for killing his victims with four stabs with a switchblade Notable. He never breaks his rules.

Honest narcotics officer Arjun Varma (Duquel Salman) adds some normalcy to these cartoon characters, turning into a chaos agent when he’s asked to corrupt and help smuggle opium. It’s an all-around surreal story, jumping between characters, focusing on world-building for the first half, and then things fall into place, with revenge arcs, heartbreak, and a sweet taste of innocence unfolding through the eyes of three classmates. Retro titles, pop culture references and some period-appropriate classical music add to the aura, allowing you to better immerse yourself in Raj & DK’s brand new world.

Ahri Sah

Time: August 25th (live broadcast)
Location: Disney+ Hotstar

Shrewd investigator Anya (Tamanna Bhatia) is called in to solve a bizarre case in which 11 members of an “ordinary” family are found dead, 10 of them hanged in their courtyard . Yes, the new Hotstar Specials show is based on the infamous real-life Brarry death in 2018, when it was concluded that the family was a mass suicide. While investigating, Anya discovers a strange connection between the layout of the house and the number of family members – with 11 windows, 11 doors and 11 strange pipes protruding from the walls, it makes for a rather confusing case. The only reliable records she has are a set of diaries kept by family members.

Robbie Grewal – of Romeo Akbar Walter fame – directed all of Aakhri Sach’s episodes, featuring Abhishek Banerjee ( Abhishek Banerjee (Patar Rock) plays Anya’s junior police officer, with Shivin Narang as the key suspect.

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