Apple, facing controversy in France over iPhone 12 radiation levels, has advised technical support staff not to volunteer any information when consumers ask about the issue.

If a customer asks about French government’s claim Apple employees were told that if the model exceeded electromagnetic radiation standards, employees should say they had nothing to share. Staff should also deny customer requests for returns or exchanges unless the phone was purchased within the past two weeks – which is Apple’s normal return policy.

According to the guidance, customers asking if their phones are safe should reply that all Apple products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are safe.

The French government earlier this week asked Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12 after tests showed the electromagnetic waves emitted by the device were too strong. The country’s digital minister told Apple it has two weeks to fix the issue with a software update.

Apple disputed the claim and said it would work with France to prove the iPhone 12 complies with the standards. The Cupertino, California-based tech giant said it provided officials with internal and third-party lab testing to prove the product was within legal limits.

Apple had already begun phasing out the iPhone 12 just as the problem broke out.The model debuted in 2020, and Apple announced on Tuesday that it would stop selling it iPhone 15 series. But France’s stance may cause concern for millions of existing iPhone 12 users. According to Counterpoint Research, Apple sold more than 100 million units of the device in its first seven months on the market.

Since France’s initial announcement, other countries in the EU, including Belgium and Germany, have begun assessing the iPhone 12’s radiation levels.


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