According to reports, the second season of the “League of Legends” spin-off series “Arcane” will return in late 2024.According to content creators Leak AllianceThe window was revealed at the Video V Vision conference hosted by Riot Games parent company Tencent, with a date of Q4 2024, marking a debut sometime between October and December next year. However, fans of the series have been speculating that it could be released in early November, so it would match the release of the first season and align with the mega-popular MOBA game’s 15th anniversary. Chapter One was widely acclaimed for its steampunk aesthetic and emotional storytelling, and even won a 2022 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

A second season was greenlit in November 2021, just as the last episodes of Arcane finished airing on Netflix. Since then, Riot Games (which now does double duty as the game’s developer and production company) has remained mum about its development, saying only that they don’t intend to rush it. “I just watched the third episode of season two before flying to China, so we’re making progress,” Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent said in a statement. interview, mentioned two main reasons for the long wait. “Number one, you want quality, you just don’t want to rush it, so it takes time. So that’s a good reason.”

The second reason is that the team never expected the first season of Arcane to be a success. If they somehow predicted it, work on season 2 could start early. It’s also worth noting that Riot has primarily a supervisory role on the show, which is being produced by French animation studio Fortiche, whose biggest projects include some League of Legends collaborations.

A prequel to League of Legends, Arcane is set in the opulent utopian city of Piltor and the oppressed subterranean Zaun as they continually battle for new inventions that threaten the revolution. The former city is known for its magical hextech research, while impoverished Zaun have created a new drug that turns humans into monsters. Amid all the political drama, we also see the origin stories of orphaned sisters Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell), who have been separated for years amid simmering tensions between the districts. The sisters quickly find themselves on opposite sides of the war, as the story is dense and touches on aspects of duality—whether it’s the protagonist’s morality, or the city in conflict.

in a Reddit AMA sessionArcane co-creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee confirmed that season 2 will include flashbacks, while adding that they hope to explore characters from the larger League of Legends universe. other areas. It’s unclear what these flashbacks will include, but I really hope we get to see a side of Zaun drug lord Silko’s parents, the one who raised Powder to be the impulsive and manic Jinx.according to GizmodoRiot also planned to reveal the script for the first season, but it was delayed due to some plot threads that could be considered spoilers for the next chapter. The first season of Arcane took six years to develop, so there are bound to be some rewrites and ideas in these pages that need to be cleaned up.

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