Barbie, Starring Margot Robbie, Will Be Available to Stream On-Demand in September
Barbie, Starring Margot Robbie, Will Be Available to Stream On-Demand in September

BarbieGreta Gerwig’s candy romp will reportedly release digitally on Sept. 5. type, the film will be available as video-on-demand on the Amazon Prime Video store in the US at a price of $24.99 (roughly Rs. 2,076). During the pre-order period, we saw three main quality options, although they were all listed for the same price – SD (standard definition) version, 1080p full HD and UHD print version, without any content. Mention subtitles in the description. There’s no mention of dubbing in any of the local languages, though based on how theatrical releases are being handled, I highly doubt a Hindi version will be available when the global website is updated.

The Prime Video store in India is not yet available Barbie, but based on recent successful releases from Warner Bros., we can predict what the price might be. dc comics’ flash is the closest, currently listed at Rs. Available to rent for $499, and there’s no option to own them digitally. This is not unusual for most of the Prime Video VOD releases in India, and even Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is only available for rental. hope, Barbie It will eventually go to more suitable platforms, such as YouTube Movies and Apple TV+, so you can buy them at a reasonable price. That said, expect a price in the Rs range when it hits Indian digital stores. 499 Rs 650. If you are willing to wait longer, the movie will finally be available on the streaming service (probably in November), on JioCinema and Max (formerly HBO Max) in India (as long as there is ).

Meanwhile, the pink fantasy flick was a smash hit at the box office, taking in $1.2 billion (Rs 9,969 crore), setting a new milestone for Gerwig as she became the first person to join the billion-dollar club. female director. Of course, we can’t help but attribute part of its success to the “Pappenheimer” phenomenon, a cinematic event imagined by netizens. Barbie’s Release date conflicts with Christopher Nolan’s release date Oppenheimer’s. That led to a flurry of memes around the juxtaposition of the two films, fan-made merchandise, and quirky poster compilations. In India, somewhere in between, oppenheimer In the lead, it recently broke above the Rs. DM 1 billion, while Barbie Continue to demonstrate its strength globally. In all fairness, it doesn’t help that the movie never got a Hindi dub.

Before its digital release, Barbie will continue to thrive in theaters, telling the fantastical story of a eponymous doll (Margot Robbie) who begins to become sentient, leaving the bright and oversaturated Barbie paradise for mundane reality, where There she faced an existential crisis. Joining her on the crusade is the always-on Ken (Ryan Gosling), who is on a mission to attract her and ultimately accept his own self-worth and identity. The film also stars America Ferrera (ugly betty) as Gloria, a human Mattel employee, Will Ferrell (stepbrother) as the fictional Mattel CEO, Kate McKinnon (Bombshell) as the odd Barbie, Issa Ray (Revenge) as President Barbie and Harry Neff (Idol) as Dr. Barbie.

Barbie It’s currently playing in theaters around the world. Available digitally via video-on-demand on September 5.

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