BGMI 2.8 Update Is Now Live: Zombies Edge Mode, Hoverboard, More
BGMI 2.8 Update Is Now Live: Zombies Edge Mode, Hoverboard, More

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has launched a new 2.8 update, bringing a zombie-themed game mode called “Zombie’s Edge”. The update is now available as a free download on Android and iOS, with the mode already unlocked on the Erangel, Livik and Miramar maps. Aerolith Labs and its surrounding areas are a hotspot during the event, filled with countless “mutants” to kill, as well as the occasional Berserker and Ripper variants that will make it even more challenging. The former has a burly build, and his right arm can seamlessly switch between a sharp blade and an iron fist. Meanwhile, the Ripper is slender and uses his agility to get in close and perform slashing attacks.

Remember, Zombie Edge is same game mode It was launched on the international PUBG Mobile version last month. It’s unclear what changes have been made to the India-exclusive BGMI, but judging from the patch notes, they look exactly the same. Update 2.8 also introduces the Mutant Gauntlet, which when equipped can greatly enhance the gameplay – a slam attack that can almost kill zombies in one hit, and a massive smash similar to Doomfist’s ultimate ability in Strike Force 2. Upon activating it, the player will jump in, choose a landing spot in the air, and then slam down to deal heavy AOE damage. In fact, there’s also a Ripper version of the gauntlet, which adds dashing moves and the ability to perform slashes.

All of this ties into the heart of the infection, the aforementioned Airstone Lab, which is best described as a living, towering organism that absorbs the undead to become more powerful. Once this process is complete, it will spawn a “Wrath” berserker, a powerful mutant that can be defeated for massive amounts of loot. The update also brings maglev hoverboards, which allow for quick travel across land and water, as well as a “Halloween” update that fills the area with carved pumpkins, disco lights and dancing mutants.

For the uninitiated, BGMI emerged shortly after the Indian government banned the super-popular PUBG Mobile over privacy and security concerns. BGMI was just lifted from the ban in May after a 10-month period, with developer Krafton limiting the number of hours players could play and adding a parental verification system for in-game purchases. The re-release also brings the new Noosa map, a small tropical area filled with ziplines, as well as a Super Recall feature that brings dead teammates back into the game. At the time, the game received a three-month “trial approval” from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), though it’s unclear whether that restriction has now been fully lifted.

The Indian version of Battlegrounds Mobile is now available Android and AppleiOS device.

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