Ship loading and unloading at all 29 ports on the U.S. West Coast were suspended this weekend, the companies said on Friday, as shippers and terminal operators blamed dockworkers unions for a prolonged slowdown at terminals.

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden will hold a ceremony at the White House on Wednesday to celebrate the recently signed contracts for West Coast longshoremen.

The leaders of the International Terminals and Warehouses Union, which represents workers, and the Pacific Maritime Association, which operates port terminals, will join Biden in the White House.

Last week, the ILWU and PMA approved a contract after more than a year of negotiations, prompting the Biden administration to step in. The contract was for six years and was approved by 75 percent of union members who voted. That includes wage and benefit increases for 22,000 workers at 29 West Coast ports.

“The contract finalized last week is a prime example of Bidenonomics at work, reflecting workers being empowered and collectively negotiating the wages, benefits and quality of life they deserve, while corporate ownership They also recognize the right of these unions to organize,” they said in a statement.

A prolonged slowdown by workers has plagued ports as negotiations have lagged, in some cases diverting cargo and causing temporary port closures.

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The White House acceptance of the longshoreman contracts comes as another major union is fighting over its deal. If a deal cannot be reached, the UAW could go on strike when the contract expires on Sept. 14.this UAWThe union representing 146,000 workers is demanding a 46% pay rise, a 32-hour workweek, 40 with pay, and a return to the traditional pension system.

“The President and the Vice President are strong supporters of the collective bargaining process,” National Economic Council Director Lyle Brainard told MSNBC on Sunday. “They want to see the collective bargaining process go well, you know, we’re celebrating two Successful collective bargaining agreements, both of which received overwhelming approval from UPS Truckers, ILWU and West Coast ports.”

Biden has often touted his labor prowess, and his administration has helped mediate several union disputes, including averting a strike by railroad workers last year.

“When the last man was here, he saw the world from Park Avenue,” Biden said Monday at a Labor Day event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. “I see the world from Scranton, Pennsylvania. I see the world from Clay, Delaware.” Monte sees the world.” “


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