Even billionaire NBA owners are not immune to cryptocurrency attacks.

Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban lost $870,000 worth of tokens to a crypto scam on Monday that drained one of his digital wallets. The weekend attack, first posted by pseudonymous Twitter user @WazzCrypto, occurred after Cuban’s wallet had been idle for 160 days and drained 10 types of tokens, including stablecoin USDC, Lido-staked Ether, SuperRare tokens and Ethereum names service.

Cuban was alerted to the scam crypto news media DL News And said that the hack may have occurred after he downloaded a new version of the crypto wallet.

“I’m pretty sure I downloaded a version of MetaMask that had some stuff in it,” Cuban told the news organization.

MetaMask is a popular self-hosted crypto wallet that is available as an app or browser extension. A common tactic for cryptocurrency scammers is to promote compromised versions of software that allow them to access wallets after users download the software.

Cuban said MetaMask crashed multiple times on his computer before DL News alerted him about the hack. He said he quickly locked his NFTs on OpenSea and transferred all Polygon tokens he owned in the hacked account. According to reports, none of his other crypto wallets were affected.

“This is the first time I’ve used MetaMask in months. They’ve definitely been watching,” he told DL News.

Cuban has been active in the cryptocurrency space for years. Over the past few years, he backed DeFi token TITAN, which later collapsed in a crypto bank run in 2021. He was also an advocate for crypto company Voyager Digital, which filed for bankruptcy last year.

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