According to a report shared by blockchain security firm CertiK, malicious actors targeting the cryptocurrency space stole more than $45 million in digital assets from victims in August alone, a year-to-date (YTD) total of $997 million was withdrawn. .

In the report, CertiK highlight In August 2023, exit scams lost about $26 million, flash loan attacks lost about $6.4 million, and exploits lost victims $13.5 million. The cybersecurity firm confirmed the total damage was more than $45 million.

Major events in August. Source: CertiK

CertiK noted that some of the major incidents that led to the amount of losses included the Zunami protocol attack that resulted in a $2.2 million loss, the Exactly Protocol vulnerability that resulted in a $7.3 million loss, and the PEPE withdrawal that resulted in a $13.2 million loss.

According to CertiK, more than $997 million has been lost so far in 2023 due to exploits, hacks and scams. These include approximately $261 million in losses due to flash loan attacks, over $137 million in losses due to exit scams, and over $596 million in losses due to exploits.

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Although the losses in August are still high, compared with the previous month, the amount of losses has been significantly reduced. In July 2023, Web3 data export De.Fi recorded a total loss of about $486 million, of which multi-chain vulnerabilities alone caused a total loss of about $231 million.

Affected by various factors, Multichain officially announced the suspension of operations on July 14. The team cited a lack of operating funds and a lack of alternative sources of information as reasons for the closure. According to the team, they have been unable to contact the CEO since he was detained by Chinese authorities.

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