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HEC Paris leads the way in 2023 Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking Number of business schools worldwide, ahead of st gallen Among the 100 institutions on the list, 12 institutions are at the top, and 4 French institutions are among the top.

There are 21 French business schools shortlisted, accounting for one-fifth of all schools on the list, ahead of 10 business schools in the UK, of which the British business school ranks first london business schoolranked third overall.

However, in a sign of the increasing internationalization of qualifications that have historically been European-based and aimed at students with little or no professional work experience, there are also 11 Indian schools on the list, including three from mainland China. Two schools from Hong Kong, as well as many other countries.

Currently, only two American schools are included in the FT MiM rankings – Hult International Business School and University of South Carolina: Moore – but others are increasingly offering the program, including University of Chicago Booth School of Businessthe first batch of trainees were recruited this year.

Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking

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“We’re seeing a huge increase in demand from younger students, and if they don’t have full-time work experience, an MBA program isn’t a good fit,” said Starr Marcello, associate dean for MBA programs at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. courses. It’s the best entry point for them into the business world.”

The new interest in the U.S. partly reflects stagnant domestic demand for traditional two-year MBAs, which instead offer students a shorter, cheaper way to study business and employers to recruit at lower salaries. Younger students.

The Financial Times rankings are not comprehensive and it is up to business schools to decide whether to participate in the assessment and share the data. To be eligible, schools must be fully accredited by the American AACSB or the European EFMD Equis agency.

The rankings are based on the relative performance of schools and their alumni on a range of factors three years after completing their studies, including graduate salaries, achievement of learning objectives and diversity.

In line with other business qualifications ranked by the FT, the methodology has been revised this year to place less overall weight on salary and increase the importance of other factors, including a new assessment of the value of alumni networks. (Alumni salary and salary increases remain the two most important criteria, at 16 percent and 10 percent, respectively.) The ranking also takes into account the school’s commitment to setting net-zero emissions targets, publishing carbon audit reports, and teaching sustainability— Relevant topics in the core curriculum.

London Business School has the highest alumni network value score, based on evaluations by alumni three years after completing their studies, followed by HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management in Germany.

Top School: HEC Paris Business School

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HEC Paris Reaching the top spot again after 20 years in the rankings, Leo Cremonezzi wrote. The school’s alumni have an average salary of $129,806 and rank in the top five for goal achievement, which measures achievement of learning goals. It also ranks fifth in the proportion of teaching time devoted to ESG and how organizations can achieve net-zero solutions. “HEC is a true center of excellence, attracting the best talent from around the world,” said one graduate surveyed.

Adjusted for international purchasing power parity, Indian schools rank among the top four in salary results three years after graduation, led by Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad $137,919. In Europe, HEC Paris leads the way with $129,806.

The maximum salary increase is Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management In Beijing, graduates’ salaries nearly doubled three years after completing their master’s degree. LouisRome had the second-highest alumni salary increase.

Among higher-ranked MiM programs, the average salary, adjusted for inflation, has increased by $5,000 since 2017, although the gender pay gap remains wide, with female alumni earning on average 19% less than their male counterparts.

Wages have reportedly risen over the past year after a lull during the pandemic, although after adjusting for inflation, alumni of all schools who attended both years will earn an average of $78,325 in 2023, compared with 2019 is $79,026.

Biggest rise: Rabat Business School

students study together

Rabat It is the highest riser, rising 32 places and tied for 54th. Eleanor Myers wrote. The Moroccan school ranks among the best for international job mobility based on location of employment since the end of the course to date. Rabat also ranked second in career advancement based on changes in seniority and organization size. “This is a great opportunity to stay in Africa and study in an international environment,” said one alumnus.

The average salary for alumni working in the Asia-Pacific region has increased significantly over the past four years, from $80,659 to $92,142. During this period, wages in continental Europe fell from $77.637 to $73,029, while wages in the United Kingdom rose from $92,758 to $96,387.

More than a dozen business schools report on gender equality among students, with half of the top 100 master’s programs having more male professors than female professors, and the proportion of female professors at Germany’s HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management is as low as 14%.

More than 90% of schools still have more male teachers than female teachers, with only France having an equal number of male and female teachers Claremont Business School and Institute of Mining and Telecommunicationstogether with India institute of management technology ghaziabad. XLRI: Xavier Institute of Management Only nine percent of teachers in India are women. About a quarter of business schools report gender parity on their advisory boards, although more than two-thirds still have more male than female members.

Lund University School of Economics and Management Sweden’s Lusem Academy tops the list for teaching environmental, social and governance topics, including courses on carbon reduction, closely followed by go out Spain.

SDA Bocconi/Bocconi University Italy ranks first in overall scores for publishing carbon audits and net-zero targets, ahead of IE Business School in Spain and BI Norwegian Business School Tied for second place.


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