In the wake of the recent Kroll cybersecurity breach, financially troubled cryptocurrency trading firm FTX Derivatives Exchange has opted to temporarily suspend the accounts of affected users accessing its claims portal.

FTX’s decision is release on X (formerly known as Twitter) is a proactive measure to prevent any potential future incidents or additional harm following the recent hack. The Exchange is committed to providing more comprehensive information at a later stage.

Users are strongly advised not to make any amendments to their statements or alter the accepted schedule for this event. FTX emphasizes that all claims data submitted through the Kroll Customer Claims Portal remains secure, carefully documented and clearly valid.

The Kroll Reorganization Authority, the appointed claims and notification agent for FTX’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings, found itself subject to a breach that resulted in the exposure of non-sensitive data related to claimants involved in the bankruptcy case. In response, Kroll assured FTX of their active management and ongoing monitoring of the situation. FTX subsequently confirmed this assurance and confirmed that the breach had no impact on account passwords, internal systems, or the security of financial funds.

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FTX communicated through the X app that the incident occurred at Kroll, and Kroll itself is directly informing affected individuals of precautionary measures for self-protection. FTX clarified that Kroll does not handle FTX account passwords and FTX’s internal systems are not affected.

Nonetheless, blockchain analyst ZachXBT confirmed that phishing emails have started reaching FTX customers, suggesting that their personal data may have been compromised.

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