Grand Theft Auto owner enters Web3 with mobile gaming division

Fun fact: Mobile gaming giant Zynga is part of Take-Two Interactive, the same company that also owns Rockstar Games, the creator of mega-hit video game franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and NBA 2K. Behind the scenes.

Now, Zynga is making its Web3 debut with a new franchise.

Zynga, best known for its FarmVille series, created an offshoot studio called Zynga Web3 (or ZW3), and announced Sugartown. This is a cross-media world, more like a Web3 game platform than a single game. Adorable cartoon animals in the teaser video give clues that there may be more than just video games in the works.

This looks like a scene from a new Netflix series, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a cartoon featuring Sugartown characters.

The only thing that’s certain for now, though, is that Sugartown will be launching an NFT collection called Oras, and that they’ll be required to participate in an upcoming game in the universe. ZW3 stated that the franchise is working with different communities to assign licensed lists for NFTs.

If the platform is successful, maybe it could give the green light for some big games from the same company to come to Web3?

Play-to-Earn Needs More Play-to-Earn — Istanbul Blockchain Week

Why haven’t Web3 games been as widely adopted as traditional games? This is one of the topics discussed at the Web3 Gaming panel at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2023. This group focuses on the adoption of Web3 games, issues with Web3 games, and issues on the developer side.

Curator Studios co-founder Uluç Yuca’s answer is especially notable because I honestly believe it expresses the thoughts of many traditional gamers (myself included) on the big question of Web3 gaming.

He started his presentation by asking the audience how many Web3 gamers there are. Several hands went up. “It’s a blockchain event!” he commented, before asking how many traditional gamers there are. The number of hands raised increased significantly. He noted that there are 3 billion traditional gamers in the world, compared to 15 million Web3 gamers.

15 million is not the number of active users of Roblox in 2015. So what we have right now is just a small private party. It means we are doing something wrong. “

Where we got it wrong, according to Yuca: The Web3 community is always talking about features like third-party transactions, ownership, monetization, and interoperability. But these features have been around since the game’s inception, including in-game items in World of Warcraft, rare items in Dota, auctions in Diablo, and when the Venezuelan currency devalued, RuneScape’s in-game The currency is used as the local market currency.

Diablo III Auction House
The in-game player economy appeared in 2012’s Diablo III. (Diablo Wiki)

So we focused on features that already existed in various forms and combined them with games that weren’t fun:

We discuss all these value propositions and monetization models. Play and make money, play and make money, play and own, play and drink coffee, play and get married. It doesn’t matter because there is no drama. There are no products. “

He emphasized that he has yet to see a game quite like Minecraft, or one that does “what Angry Birds did to mobile gaming back then.”

Despite the potential that Web3 elements bring, the real question is, “Do we have games like Roblox (in Web3)?” Unfortunately, we don’t.

Bitcoin Casinos Work Exactly Like You’d Expect

Not many people know this, but Satoshi Nakamoto may have been a poker player, and the original 0.1.0 Bitcoin code in 2008 contained code snippets for an online poker game.

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With the introduction of ordinal numbers, it looks like we might be heading back in that direction. Ordinals made the Bitcoin base layer home to numerous images, videos, and even some basic games, and also laid the groundwork for “DeFi on Bitcoin” protocols such as Trustless Computer (TC) and the related New Bitcoin City (NBC).

According to core member Punk3700, the gaming platform, launched in early August, utilizes TC and converts gameplay to NOS (Bitcoin’s second layer), improving speed and efficiency and ensuring complex interactions happen on the Bitcoin mainnet.

NOS introduces the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to the Bitcoin network, allowing smart contract functionality without taking up space on the Bitcoin main chain. Therefore, data from the game does not take up valuable Bitcoin blockchain space. “

As for the gaming platform itself, don’t expect 3D virtual worlds with high-fidelity graphics. The site is designed as a pixelated amusement park, with each tent representing a game, offering very basic casino games like jackpots and slot machines.

New Bitcoin City Gameplay
New Bitcoin City has a lot of casino-like mini games. (New Bitcoin City)

There’s also a graffiti tent where everyone pays to add pixels and then gets royalties if someone buys the finished canvas.

The overall experience is like what I experienced in my online poker adventures in the early 2000s, but that’s clearly not the developer’s focus. Punk3700 explained: “Bitcoin is going beyond money and gaining traction. We want to make Bitcoin as ubiquitous as possible — it’s much more than just a currency.”

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The league is said to promote a “win and earn” trend where players earn money based on their skill (and maybe luck, considering this is a casino) and developers promise More to come, with the upcoming “Mega Whales” expected to launch on September 26th.

Hotspot: Sunflower Paradise

Sunflower Paradise is an online farming game built on Polygon and played through the browser. Gamers are welcome with some strict rules: one account per player, no bots or automation.It also makes it clear that Sunflower Paradise is a game, not a financial product – though only time will tell which one players will prioritize

The core gameplay is that the user plants seeds, waits for them to grow, harvests the plants, buys more seeds, etc. – similar to old Facebook games like FarmVille and CityVille. All in-game resources, such as seeds, cooked food, equipment, etc., are NFTs that can be transferred and traded on OpenSea.

Seeds and plants have different values ​​in the game, corresponding to the time it takes to grow. For example, Sunflower Seeds take 30 seconds to grow and can be sold for 125 Gold (equivalent to 7,500 Gold in 30 minutes), while Pumpkin Seeds take 30 minutes to grow and can be sold for 25,000 Gold.

Sunflower Paradise gameplay
Sunflower Land gameplay

Land of the Sunflowers features a skill tree that allows players to work faster and get more yield from each produce as they level up. As players level up, the waiting time gets longer (up to 36 hours for a single seed), but they also gain more space to plant seeds. The game currently offers two mini-games if you want to do something in-game while you wait. They’re called “Greedy Goblins,” a minigame where you catch falling gold coins like a goblin while avoiding skulls; and “Chicken Fight.” Fight), a two-player fighting game where you control a chick.

Sunflower Earth skill tree
The crops section of the Sunflower Land skill tree. (Sunflower Paradise)

Sunflower Land launched a new season on August 1 called Witches’ Eve, which introduces a massively multiplayer online (MMO) world called “Pumpkin Square” for players to socialize. The game also welcomes community islands, where players can get the tools to build their own games in Sunflower Land, with the ambition to “become the Roblox of Web3 gaming”.

The game runs smoothly without any hiccups – a rare quality for today’s Web3 games. The graphics look nice, although the background music sounds cheap. I don’t know if it’s going to be the Roblox of Web3, but Sunflower Land definitely has potential because of its addictive gameplay loop. I will definitely be back every now and then to check out my island.

More from the Web3 gaming space:

– The turn-based RPG Arena of Champions has roll out On Shanda Games.

– Zillion Whales’ RTS mobile game Wild Forest has been released Announce For the Ronin blockchain.

– Mobile NFT game NFL Rivals has roll out In-game market.

– French DJ Agoria in collaboration with The Sandbox emission Avatar collection.

– Marblex by Netmarble Partnership Partnering with Aptos to expand its multi-chain gaming universe.

– Nexon’s MapleStory universe percussion Chainlink as its Web3 infrastructure provider.

Erhan Kahraman

Erhan Kahraman

Erhan lives in Istanbul and started his career as a games journalist. He is now a freelance writer and content creator focusing on cutting-edge technology and video games. He enjoys playing Elden Ring, Street Fighter VI, and Persona 5.


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