Ran Neuner is the CEO of Onchain Capital, the founder of Crypto Banter, and an outspoken cryptocurrency commentator on X.

crypto joke“XRP and Ripple Structures Are Problematic” by Ran Neuner.

While he appreciates Ripple’s insistence on filing a complaint with the SEC, he is interested in the “moral and ethical” aspects of Ripple’s affairs.

He thinks Ripple is a bad deal for those holding XRP.

“It’s a centralized company that sells tokens to fund the operations of the centralized company, for the benefit of the shareholders, not necessarily for the benefit of the token holders. I have a problem with that — at morally and ethically.”

“At the end of the day, shareholders will get dividends — which is despicable,” Neuner told the magazine.

Neuner isn’t afraid to break the mold and speak her mind. This trait has helped him amass more than 720,200 Twitter (now X) followers. He’s not bothered by the number of followers:

“To be honest, I don’t care much about growth. I use Twitter as a platform to tell people what I think. It’s uncensored, unfiltered, and it’s not for everyone,” Neuner said.

Neuner serves as CEO and co-founder of Onchain Capital, a cryptocurrency investment fund and advisory services firm.He also co-hosts the Daily Live crypto joke YouTube channels reach hundreds of thousands of people.

Somehow, he still manages to host two hours of live Twitter Spaces a day…and he has four kids under the age of eight.

His children knew that their father dabbled in broadcasting and had acquired chart-reading skills by osmosis.

“I woke up on Saturday and the market was all green and my son said, ‘Oh oh, all the bubbles are green, does that mean you have to go to work today?'”

What made Twitter famous?

Neuner said he set up a Twitter account for work reasons.

“When I started the world’s first televised cryptocurrency show (Crypto Trader) on CNBC, I created my Twitter account. I needed a Twitter account. In the beginning, I grew fairly quickly,” he told the magazine.

Despite the lack of a formal growth strategy, Neuner now sees a steady stream of followers through daily livestreams on YouTube and regular meetings on Twitter Spaces.

“It’s a great place to test your opinion, and it’s a great way to let off steam when I feel strongly about something. I convene people in the community.”

twitter beef

Spicy Beef: FatMan Terra

Neuner doesn’t like anonymous detective FatMan Terra.

“He’s hiding behind an avatar and no one knows who he is…well, we know Exactly Who is he,” Neuner said.

Shortly after the collapse of its native token, LUNA, FatMan Terra began investigating Neuner’s relationship with Terraform Labs.

“He believed he could spread misinformation to create narratives and stories about people,” Neuner said.

During a bear market, people are always looking for culprits, Neuner said, and FatMan Terra’s targeting of influencers has done “more damage than he could have imagined.”

“We were constantly threatened because of his behavior,” Neuner explained.

Beef with a pleasant aftertaste: ZachXBT

Neuner has had a wild ride with cryptocurrency scam investigator ZachXBT, but he admits he’s still a fan in the end.

“Even during the worst of my ZachXBT attacks, I believed that the service ZachXBT provided was a very valuable service in the community,” Neuner declared.

Neuner explained that he ended up mediating with ZachXBT after investigators accused him of marketing and dumping on followers. Neuner is considering a lawsuit because of the “damage” he suffered.

“During the mediation process, we showed him that his tweets and allegations were wrong, and he was manly enough to write a post saying he was wrong.”

What type of content do you produce?

Much of his content is cryptocurrency-related, with occasional financial advice:

“Ninety percent of my tweets are about cryptocurrency,” Neuner explained, adding that another 10 percent is “complaining about bad culture.”

“I’m passionate about great service. I don’t like getting bad service at all. So, I hate flying with any type of American Airlines. They don’t want your business.”

What content do you like?

Neuner explained that he prefers to follow people who disagree with him.

“The more people you hate on Twitter, the better your experience will be. That’s because Twitter becomes an echo chamber, and the market loves echo chambers. Surround yourself with people you disagree with—they will Tell you why you disagree with them.”

Adam Cochran and Cory Klippsten are two good examples. Cochran “was a neurotic, hysterical person” who acted as if everything was the end of the world.

Neuner “couldn’t stand reading his tweets” but forced himself to do so anyway. Meanwhile, Klippsten seems to consider himself the top bitcoin holder.

“He sincerely believes that he is the CEO of Bitcoin and owns more shares of Bitcoin than anyone. I listen to him to understand the thinking of Bitcoin Maxis.”

But some of the accounts he follows offer useful and insightful market commentary.

“If I want on-chain analysis, I go to Dylan LeClair or Will Clemente,” Neuner said.

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Neuner believes the era of the “rough bull market” is over, blaming regulatory uncertainty for it.

“With less funding due to regulatory uncertainty, (so the next bull run) won’t be as violent. We’ll have a slow, sustained market,” he said.

He hinted that it might be wise to keep an eye on Solana, Aptos, Sui and Ethereum as potential game changers. “This could be one of them,” he said.

“If I were to bet my money on one of them, I’d choose Sui over Aptos. I think technically the people working there are better.”

Neuner explained that the entire field is still waiting for “killer” applications to gain mass adoption of blockchain.

“If we develop an app where 500 million retail users don’t know it’s on the blockchain, whatever app the blockchain is written on will go to the moon,” he predicts .

“By then we could see the price go from $29 to $290 overnight,” Neuner added.

celan lyons

Ciaran Lyons is an Australian cryptocurrency journalist. He is also a stand-up comedian and has been a radio and TV presenter for Triple J, SBS and The Project.


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