Bitcoin is accepted by a variety of online merchants, travel companies, gift card retailers, food businesses and online service providers, offering a variety of options for using the cryptocurrency in transactions. While brick-and-mortar stores that accept Bitcoin are less common, you can find them in cryptocurrency-friendly places.

online merchant

Bitcoin is a common payment option accepted by many online merchants. Electronics, clothing, household items, and many other products can be purchased with Bitcoin. Major retailers that accept Bitcoin include Microsoft, Overstock, and Newegg.

travel and accommodation

Many travel companies, airlines and hotel booking sites now accept bitcoin payments from customers. Customers can use Bitcoin as an alternative payment method when booking travel-related services such as hotels, airlines or vacation packages.

gift card

There are many places where you can buy gift cards with Bitcoin. These gift cards can be redeemed at leading stores, restaurants and online services.

online service

Various online services, including web hosting, domain registration, VPN services, and gaming subscriptions, can be paid for with Bitcoin. Many online service providers accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

AT&T, one of the major U.S. mobile carriers, has partnered with reputable cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay to enable customers to use cryptocurrencies for online bill payments.

Charity Donation

Bitcoin can be used to donate to many charities and organizations. You can donate Bitcoin to social and humanitarian causes through one of the many organizations and charities that accept Bitcoin.

physical store

Acceptance of Bitcoin in brick-and-mortar stores varies by location. Therefore, you must check with the specific store before purchasing.

For example, All Star Pizza in Miami, Florida accept BTC offered through Menufy, an online food ordering and delivery platform that allows restaurants to integrate with their existing websites, allowing customers to browse menus, place orders and pay online.

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