How to Get Access to Google Chrome’s AI-Backed Summary Feature for Online Articles
How to Get Access to Google Chrome’s AI-Backed Summary Feature for Online Articles

Google is gradually rolling out a new artificial intelligence-powered upgrade to its Google Chrome browser for readers. The world’s most popular web browser is getting a new artificial intelligence-powered feature called Search Generated Experience (SGE). According to the company, it is rolling out gradually to mobile users first. SGE will be able to summarize web articles and eliminate the need to scroll through long articles – reducing screen time in the process. According to Google, the feature is still in an “early experimental” stage, so it’s slowly rolling out to users.

The name of this upcoming feature in Google Chrome is “SGE While Browsing.” The feature is designed to use artificial intelligence to generate bullet points for online articles, which are available for free.

“‘SGE While Browsing’ is specifically designed to help people engage more deeply with publishers and creators’ long-form content. You’ll be able to hover over certain words to preview definitions and see related graphs or Images. You can find answers to how-to questions and view suggested code snippets for common tasks,” explained Rany Ng, vice president of product management (search) at Google, in a statement. Official Blog Post.

The feature first launched three months ago, first available on the Google app for Android and iOS. It will roll out to desktop Chrome users in the next few days.

How to sign up for early access to Google’s new AI features with Search Labs

1) Update the Google Chrome application on your smartphone or desktop.

2) visit Google Search Labs website When using Google Chrome.

3) Option to try the “SGE while browsing” feature, which is available as a standalone experiment.

Currently, in addition to summarizing text articles, the SGE feature will provide AI input and interpretation of programming languages ​​and tools. The tech giant is also inviting feedback from people who have tried the feature through Search Labs.

Earlier this year, the company announced handy new AI tools around its search service, Duet AI tools for workspace apps like Google Docs, and apps for students. Many of these new features are currently in public preview and may not reach their full potential.

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