Ever wonder what it takes to lead a tech company? Well, look no further. Threads and Instagram boss Adam Mosseri just listed every job he’s ever had at Meta’s new Twitter competitor, a list that underscores that even successful executives have to work from the ground up.

In 2018, six years after Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for $1 billion, the Instagram founder resigned and Mosseri took over as head of the app, now unofficially in charge of Meta’s new favorite Threads.

But before joining the tech world, his experience as a dishwashing and waiter was far less glamorous. That’s according to his latest Threads post, where he revealed his first job as a waiter. According to the post, he went on to work as a bartender before becoming a designer.

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Although no dates or company names were mentioned in the post, according to Mosseri’s LinkedIn (which doesn’t list his experience in the hospitality industry), he graduated from NYU in 2005 and started working at TokBox as a product designer and UI engineer. years later.

Mosseri had his big break at Facebook in 2008, working his way up from product designer to head of product at Instagram over the course of 15 years.

Why is Mosseri sharing his career path on the app?

The Threads boss opened up about his path to success as part of a trend on the platform, with users summarizing five things they had to do to get to their current level.

Although it’s not clear who started the trend, Mosseri’s post gained a lot of traction in just 6 hours, with over 800 likes, and many others have since jumped on the bandwagon in the comments section .

Others, meanwhile, said how inspired they were by his low-tech start.

“Great career from very humble beginnings. I have a lot of admiration for your work and what you’ve left behind,” one user commented.

“Wow… what’s @mosseri’s secret? How do you climb so fast? You’re an inspiration!” wrote another.

But without any time stamp, the big jumps in the positions Mosseri listed could falsely make it look like an overnight success rather than a career spanning nearly two decades.

While some were impressed by his apparent success with metrics, one former Meta employee was not.

“I think it looks different to a lot of women and POC,” Nicole White commentedEarlier this year, she resigned from Meta’s product market leadership role.

It’s unclear, however, whether White based her assumptions on her own experience working at the social media giant.she didn’t respond wealth Request for comment.

A Surprising First Job for a Tech Lead

It’s easy to assume that most leaders attend an MBA program before taking on management positions and quickly rising to the top.

But actually, Mosseri isn’t the only tech exec with a surprising first job: Netflix’s Reed Hastings starts Selling vacuum cleaners door to door Jeff Bezos reportedly worked a summer at McDonald’s during high school business insider.

For Reddit’s former CEO, his early days at Burger King restaurants even made him the leader he is today.

“I wiped down the restaurant, cleaned the bathroom, took down the order…” Huang Yishan recalled wealth. “I’ve learned that no matter where you are, if you put in the effort to do a good job, you’ll stand out.”


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