About a week ago, the Apple faithful were collectively shocked by the first evidence of the iPhone’s red “end call” button may be vacated soon Its center position occupies the right column, and it looks like it might have been a false alarm.

The initial shock came after last week’s release of a beta, or beta, version of iOS 17, the next big update to the iPhone’s operating software. This is where users first see the end-call button, which has traditionally been nicely isolated, beneath function buttons like Mute, Keypad, and Speaker, rather than alongside other function buttons. Takes a more assimilated position in the lower right corner of the six-button block.

But now, images of the latest iOS 17 beta shared by several media sites show the red button in the very center of the phone’s dial pad, very close to the territory it has long occupied. But it’s still not alone; now that it’s on the second row, in the middle of the six-button block, you can seemingly try to hang up without opening the keypad or accidentally adding another participant to the call.

To be fair, it’s always difficult to draw firm conclusions from beta software releases, which are designed both to help engineers find bugs and to gauge user reactions to changes, large and small. So they’re a bit experimental in nature, and some experiments work better than others.

But we have no choice but to speculate whether the end-call button lingering has come to an end. Apple doesn’t typically comment on its design process or anything else, and it didn’t respond to The Associated Press’ request for comment.


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