iOS 17 is now rolling out to eligible iPhone models globally, including in India. The company is also rolling out other software updates, including macOS Sonoma, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, and watchOS 10 for compatible devices. These updates will add new features while improving several existing apps and services on devices currently supported by Apple. You can read our guide on how to download and install the latest iOS 17 software update on your iPhone and try out the latest features.

If you’re looking for the new Journal app and collaborative playlists for Apple Music (both features were announced at WWDC 2023), you’ll need to wait for a future update as they’re not part of iOS 17. Here are some of the best features coming to iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma that you should try after installing the update.

Contact poster and live voicemail

While most elements of the user interface on iOS 17 are very similar to iOS 16, the Phone app is getting a major makeover in the form of contact posters. This feature allows users to set their own poster and profile photo and share it with others in their contacts. These can include full-length images or Memoji, as well as customizable fonts with large text. According to Apple, in some regions, users will also see live transcriptions of live voicemails processed on the device.

NameDrop and AirDrop

iOS 17 will improve AirDrop, the company’s proprietary wireless sharing mechanism. Simply bring two devices together to share files, start a SharePlay session, or play games together. In addition to holding your phone close to other users to share different types of data, you can also use a new feature called NameDrop, which allows you to share contact information (including your contact posters) with other users.

standby mode

While Apple’s smartphones have supported wireless charging since the iPhone 8, the company finally added support for a way to display useful information while the phone is charging. After updating your iPhone to iOS 17, you will be able to see live activity, notifications, widgets, and Siri from your smartphone display when the smartphone is in a horizontal position, and the feature works with both wired and wireless chargers.

Safari Profiles and Private Browsing Lock

Apple’s web browser is getting some new features with the latest iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma updates. Private browsing tabs will be locked behind Face ID or Touch ID, meaning unauthorized users won’t be able to gain access without your consent. Safari is also getting support for multiple profiles, which will let you separate their cookies, bookmarks, and browsing history and switch between them for work and personal use. Competing browsers like Chrome and Firefox have supported profiles for years, with Chrome allowing users to lock incognito tabs on their smartphones.

Check-in and message live stickers

Apple is adding support for a new messaging feature called Check-In, which lets you notify your family when you arrive home safely. If you don’t travel to your designated destination, the Messages app will securely and temporarily notify your family of your location, battery level, and cellular service information. At the same time, you can create stickers on your smartphone by long-pressing on the image and share them to the Messages app. According to Apple, these will appear in a new Stickers section and will be available on iOS.

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