Web3 developer KresusLabs announced on August 23 the launch of Kresus Market, a curated marketplace that acts as a gateway for Polygon projects.

KresusLabs closed a $25 million funding round led by Cameron Winklevoss in early March and launched its “SuperApp” in May before emerging in the Web3 space in 2023.

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Kresus Market is designed as a bridge between the standard Web3 experience and the traditional Web2 marketplace. Its curated nature will purportedly help SuperApp users sift through the clutter between assets and projects on the Polygon blockchain.

According to a post by Kresus on X (formerly Twitter):

“So what’s inside the Kresus Marketplace? Find a curated list of the top DeFi, Gaming, and NFT projects. Every project on our marketplace has been vetted by the Kresus team, its team and more, ensuring you get a seamless and secure Journey to Web3!”

According to Polygon, more than 843 million non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been cast On its blockchain from May 2023. This suggests that curated marketplaces may be well received by the cryptocurrency and NFT communities.


KresusLabs also announced on August 23 Kresus Connect, a tool from SuperApp that provides “direct, secure connections to third-party websites.”

According to a blog post, decentralized application developers can Implementert Kresus connects via a button in its app. This allows SuperApp users to seamlessly connect via Kresus’ Web3 bridge.

Web3 organizations are increasingly investing in so-called bridging technologies that combine the utility and functionality of Web3 with the convenience and user experience of Web2.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, Web3 registrar Unstoppable Domains recently integrated the instant messaging protocol with its unique username service. Users of registered names, including .polygon, .crypto, and .wallet domains, will be able to message each other through supported apps.