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A dozen major Indian companies, led by industry conglomerate and steelmaker JSW Group, manufacturers Godrej and Boyce and technology group Infosys, have written to G20 leaders pushing to end the use of fossil fuels without capturing emissions, Support green cars and clean energy.

G20 leaders will gather in New Delhi under the Indian presidency in 10 days after the world’s largest economy failed to include renewable energy targets and phase-out at recent climate and energy ministers. Agreement on key climate change issues, including fossil fuels.

In an open letter, 14 companies, including some major polluters as well as technology group Zomato and clean power producer Renew, called for “ambitious and intensified cooperation on climate action” as the effects of climate change “have become more severe. Ruthless and obvious”. before”.

“The right policy signals from the G20 can drive more investment and enable businesses around the world to fully support climate action, support stronger, fair and resilient economies that promote prosperity, create decent jobs, and protect the public Health. And the environment,” they wrote.

The businesses said the G20 needed to develop “credible goals and coherent policies” consistent with efforts to limit the rise in global temperatures since pre-industrial times to 1.5 degrees Celsius. G20 economies generate more than 80% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

The letter calls for a more ambitious set of policies than previously enacted by India and other G20 countries, including a faster rollout of clean energy to fully decarbonize the grid in advanced economies by 2035 and elsewhere by 2040 .

It also calls for national plans for sectors working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the board, support for zero-emission vehicles, and a national-level target and timetable for phasing out all fossil fuels with uncaptured emissions, ensuring “a just transition for affected workers and communities ” policy.

Divya Sharma, executive director of Climate Group India, an international nonprofit that helped coordinate the letter, said it was “encouraging to see some of India’s largest businesses calling on world leaders to ensure that this G20 It was really a turning point.” Essentials for climate action. G20 leaders cannot ignore them. ”

Industrial conglomerates such as JSW that produce steel, electricity and cement are themselves among India’s biggest polluters. While several of JSW’s companies have pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030 or 2050, the group has not ruled out building new coal plants.

In the letter, the companies said they were committed to investing in “long-term, transformative decarbonisation”.

“While many solutions are in development, the urgency of the present cannot be overemphasized. Collectively, with the right policy environment and ambitious G20 leadership, we can go further and further Hurry up,” said the letter.

Several people familiar with last month’s G20 meeting of climate ministers said China had used “sabotage tactics” to thwart negotiations amid heightened international tensions. Negotiations between energy ministers also ended in discord a week ago, with Saudi Arabia accused of leading the way in blocking an agreement to reduce fossil fuel use.

Additional reporting by Chloe Cornish in Mumbai

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