MakerDAO co-founder Rune Christensen submitted a proposal to leverage a fork of the Solana codebase to build the decentralized finance project’s forthcoming native chain, rather than the Ethereum Virtual Machine, despite its longstanding ties to Ethereum. .

MakerDAO’s native chain, or what is currently known as “NewChain,” is part of the fifth and final phase of MakerDAO’s “Endgame” upgrade, announced in May.

The final phase is expected to take approximately three years to complete and will see a full reimplementation of the Maker protocol in a new independent blockchain.

“After some research, I think the Solana codebase should be considered the foundation of NewChain,” Christensen said in a Sept. 1 (Twitter) post highlighting the proposal.

inside proposal On the MakerDAO forum, Christensen described Solana’s codebase as the “most promising” option to explore, as he offered three key reasons why he thinks it should be used as the basis for NewChain.

First, he emphasized the “technical quality” of the Solana codebase, arguing that it is “highly optimized for operating a single, efficient blockchain.”

“The Solana codebase is well designed and benefits from being designed long after the blockchain’s bottlenecks and challenges have been fully understood, which is very much in line with NewChain’s own goal of solving Maker’s technical debt.”

Second, Christensen argues that the Solana ecosystem has proven its resilience “by going through the FTX explosion” and a few other challenges without collapsing.

As a result, the MakerDAO co-founder said the Solana ecosystem is likely to exist long-term, maintaining a “high-quality talent pool that Makers can access and contribute to,” while also providing a cost-effective path to build and contribute to maintaining NewChain.

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Finally, Christensen noted that since “there are already examples of Solana codebases being forked and adapted into appchains,” MakerDAO could follow a similar process to develop NewChain.

Back on Twitter, Christensen was asked why he prefers to use Solana code instead of the EVM.

Christensen noted that while the EVM is “most important when building things for the user, because that’s where the user is,” it doesn’t fit MakerDAO’s specific requirements for the backend.

NewChain will essentially act as the backend for the project’s SubDAO token economy and governance security. On the other hand, its governance token Maker (MKR) and stablecoin Dai (DAI) will continue to operate as usual on Ethereum.

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