Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri testifies during a U.S. Senate hearing on December 8, 2021 in Washington, DC.

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although meta The debut of its Twitter rival, Threads, has caused a stir in the US, but consumers in the EU are not yet able to join the platform.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that’s because the more than 100 countries in which Threads will initially launch don’t include EU member states because “compliance with some of the laws that come into effect next year will be complicated.” edge.

Mosseri’s comments appear to refer to the Digital Markets Act (DMA). He made the comments in response to a question from The Verge about why Threads hasn’t yet launched in the EU and whether DMA uncertainty is to blame, though Mosseri didn’t specifically mention DMA in his response.

“We don’t want to launch anything that’s not forward compatible with what we know and what we think is coming,” Mosseri told The Verge. Any claims made about compliance are in line with our very high internal documentation and testing centers.”

The DMA has created a set of competition rules for the biggest digital gatekeepers, which include Meta and many other US tech giants. Under the rules, digital gatekeepers are not allowed to prioritize their own services on their platforms and must ensure that their instant messaging services are compatible with those of competitors.

Meta’s decision to delay the launch of the platform in the EU is a direct example of how the complexity of new regulations can impact product launches. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Many tech companies have pushed back against DMA, saying it unfairly targets U.S. companies and could hinder innovation. apple Fears the legislation could lead to “unnecessary privacy and security breaches” and “prohibit us from charging for intellectual property”.

But European policymakers believe new rules are necessary to allow smaller and newer players to thrive in digital markets.

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