Microsoft President Brad Smith said on Friday that the goals and principles of artificial intelligence regulation need to be “really clear,” calling for a “regulatory blueprint” that calls for action at the private sector, national and global levels. People want to believe that this new technology, artificial intelligence, will continue to be under human control, he said.

“They’ve seen too many sci-fi movies and it turns out to be the opposite. We need companies and regulators to pay attention to that when we create things that feel like part of sci-fi,” Smith told the B20 summit in India in 2023.

Speaking at a conference titled “Artificial Intelligence for Business and Society: Opportunities and Regulation,” Smith, who is also vice chairman of Microsoft, emphasized the need for governments and the private sector around the world to develop a regulatory blueprint.

“That means some of these principles will be applied at the application layer, some at the model layer, and some at the cloud or data center layer,” he said.

Implementation of this blueprint must ensure that those using AI in business need to know who their customers are and how they are using it.

“That means really focusing on understanding the cloud that’s being deployed and paying attention to what’s being created, especially if it’s being created by AI,” he said.

This “regulatory blueprint” will require private-sector action, including setting standards at the national and global levels, Smith said, adding “we have to figure out how they relate to each other.”

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