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The mother of the Spanish FA president caught up in a kiss scandal has locked herself in a church and gone on a hunger strike in support of her son as Spain’s deputy prime minister denounced “structural machismo” in football.

Luis Rubiales’ mother has reportedly declared she will not eat until the attack on her son is over, saying he is the victim of an “inhuman and bloody witch hunt” after a World Cup winner failed to Kissed the lips with consent. EFE News Agency.

Her plea comes after the weekend when Rubiales was suspended by FIFA (FIFA) as president of the Spanish Football Association and faced criticism for his actions and subsequent contempt in Spain and elsewhere. More and more condemnation.

On Monday, one of Spain’s acting deputy prime ministers, Yolanda Diaz, linked Rubiales’ actions to a serious imbalance in gender representation in the football federation, where only 38 of the federation’s 411 senior officials, or 9 percent, are women.

“Mr. Rubiales’ actions with impunity show that the federation is plagued by deep-seated structural machismo,” she told RTVE television.

Dias, who argues that the lack of gender equality is against the law, says her leftist party, Sumar, an ally of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, is filing a formal complaint against the Spanish Royal Football Federation with the government’s sports commission.

The association will hold an “extraordinary and urgent” meeting later on Monday to address the crisis. The meeting will be chaired by interim leader Pedro Rocha, a vice president who took over after Rubiales was suspended.

Rubiales insists the kiss with Jeanne Hermoso at the World Cup ceremony was consensual, despite the player saying it was “absolutely wrong”.

Speaking at the Church of the Holy Shepherdess in Motril in southern Andalusia, his mother, Angeles Bejar, implored Hermoso to “tell the truth” and “maintain the version that started”.

She appeared to be referring to Hermoso’s comments released by the Football Association, in which the players described the kiss as a “completely spontaneous, mutual gesture”.

Hermoso, who has denied the claims, said last week that she was the victim of “impulse-driven sexism” and had been “under constant pressure to publish a report that could prove Rubiales’ behavior.” statement of reasonableness”.

Behar hinted at ulterior motives behind the storm and said her son “couldn’t hurt anyone”.

After days of silence, one of Spain’s most prominent conservative politicians, Madrid region president Isabel Diaz Ayuso, spoke about the outraged incident on Monday, raising concerns of media “manipulation”.

Ayuso wrote on X about Catalan separatists disrupting the Vuelta with punctured tires: “Interesting that the international media is concerned about Rubiales’ shameful act, But no one condemned the independence supporters’ boycott of the Vuelta,” said those negotiating with Sanchez. “


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