NieR Replicant Version 1.22474487139… A slew of new games are launching this month in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium catalogues. Starting September 19, all premium PS Plus members can delve into a post-apocalyptic realm where machines and robots are locked in a proxy war, and follow a brother’s quest to cure his sister Yonah of her life-threatening illness. Fight disease-ridden monsters with customizable combinations of magic and swordplay, all accompanied by an audiobook. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… will be available on PS4. Another highlight this month is Unpacking, a calming puzzle game in which you unpack items from cardboard boxes and decorate a house – jump in time and through the house, slowly unraveling an intimate story. It is available on PS4 and PS5.

If simulators are your forte, then take on the role of a theme park manager and use your imagination to build the roller coaster of your dreams. Each ride is sculpted piece by piece, reshaping the land beneath to create topography, splashing water bodies and floating islands, creating unforgettable experiences for guests. You can come up with your own ideas, but when you get stuck, feel free to browse the Frontier Workshop to download other players’ assets as a jumping off point. Planet Coaster: Console Edition will be available on PS4 and PS5. Despite its title, This War of Mine is about civilians, the innocent souls caught in the crossfire, struggling with a lack of food, medicine, and hostile scavengers. You must maintain security during the day and go out at night to collect survival items.

Those who want to relax and immerse themselves in a great narrative event can check out Tails Noir, in which you play as an anthropomorphic raccoon detective, exploring a dystopian Vancouver and solving a profound story about self-reflection and transformation. Personal cases. In many ways, it’s designed like a computer role-playing game, so your dialogue choices shape your identity as you run around pixelated areas filled with oppression and despair. Tails Noir will be available for free to PS Plus Extra and Premium members on September 19th. At the same time, “Call of the Sea” will take you deep into the South Pacific to find your husband who disappeared during the expedition. Upon arrival, you’ll find a stunning, unnamed tropical island with clues to a lost civilization and mysterious influences waiting to be uncovered.

Other notable additions include Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, where you can build a full-fledged empire through extensive research and go head-to-head with history’s most notorious leaders to become the greatest known civilization. Then there’s Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, which sees you traveling to the Middle East to eliminate a series of targets through long-range tactical sniper missions.

All this and more is available in PlayStation Blog It will be available exclusively to PS Plus Extra and Deluxe members in September (PS Plus Deluxe is called PS Plus Premium in some markets). Last month’s catalog included Destiny 2: Witch Queen DLC, Star Ocean, and Lost Inquisition, among others.

Here’s the full list of free games available to PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium subscribers starting September 19th.

The blog post also lists the PS Plus Classics catalog for September, which is exclusive to PS Plus Deluxe/Premium members. This month launched “Star Ocean: Origin R”, “Star Ocean: Until the End of Time”, “Star Ocean: The Last Hope” Remastered Edition and “Dragon’s Crown Pro”.

PlayStation Plus Deluxe subscription in India starts at Rs. 849 per month, while Extra subscription starts at Rs. 749 per month.

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