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Republican primary nominee Nikki Haley says seniors in both parties are struggling as the former U.S. ambassador ramps up his attacks on the rule of older Americans to push her to the White House in 2024. It is time for political leaders to “step down”.

Haley appeared to freeze during his second interview with reporters in months following Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s health scare last week. Speaking on Sunday, Haley said seniors in senior political office “need to be accepted by the younger generation” over “them”.

“We want to start working for our kids to make sure we have a strong national security, make sure we have stronger economic policies, make America safe. We can’t do that if these people refuse to give up power, ’” Haley said in an interview with CBS.

“I want both Republicans and Democrats to do this. I want to make sure they both know it’s time to leave . . . they have to know, look, we appreciate your service, but now is the time to leave.”

Haley, 51, has made criticism of older politicians a key feature of her message to voters, saying that voting for President Joe Biden, 80, is like voting for Vice President Kama Harris, and called for term limits and cognitive tests for powerful politicians.

After McConnell’s recent freeze, Haley blasted the Senate as “the most privileged nursing home in the nation.”

Haley’s comments came after the former South Carolina governor garnered some attention for the Republican nomination for the White House after a strong performance in the party’s first televised debate last month.

Haley is fourth among Republican primary voters, according to the polling average, recently surpassing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and biotech investor Vivek Ramaswamy.

While former President Donald Trump, 77, remains the landslide frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Haley insisted his legal woes will make it difficult for him to win.

“He’s innocent until proven guilty, but…”. . The American people do not vote for convicted criminals. The American people will vote for whoever wins the election. I have faith in the American people. They know what they need to do,” she said.

On Thursday, the U.S. Capitol doctor cleared McConnell, 81, to return to work, saying “occasional dizziness” is “not uncommon” for people recovering from concussions, and dehydration could also be a problem. A factor in his appearance. latest events.

But Haley said health problems among older Washington politicians had become too common to be ignored.

“We can’t bear to watch Dianne Feinstein[the 90-year-old California senator]sit there and listen to aides tell her how she should vote. We don’t have to worry about Mitch McConnell being frozen at the podium. We can’t let Joe Biden forgets where he is,” Haley said.

“Our enemies are watching. Every time this happens, America becomes less safe because our enemies think we’re out of control,” she added.


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