According to details revealed in a Pixel Superfans survey, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro may feature AI-powered camera and video features that could improve the quality of group photos. The phones will be available later this year as successors to the Pixel 7 series of smartphones due in 2022. The search giant also plans to introduce a feature that will allow Pixel users to use artificial intelligence (AI) to remove background noise from videos while enhancing other sounds.

Pixel superfans have begun receiving surveys related to the company’s sports partnerships, titled “Superfans: The Future of Pixel Sports Surveys,” according to details leaked by Mishaal Rahman on X (formerly known as Twitter). The investigations could include hints at features the company is developing in time for the Pixel 8 series launch later this year.

One of the investigations suggested that Google was working on a feature that would allow users to remove noise from videos, Rahman said. It mentions “artificial intelligence video noise cancellation” on smartphones that can “remove” the shouting of viewers sitting next to the user shooting the video. Readers may recall that a recently leaked promotional video hinted at the arrival of an “Audio Magic Eraser” feature.

The same investigation reportedly suggested that the company may also be working on a feature that would “enhance” the sound of friends and family reacting during sports games, while removing background noise from stadiums using the same AI-powered noise-canceling tool.

Another hint in the survey suggests that a feature is being developed that will improve group photos taken by Pixel phones. The feature described in the investigation mentions that “the phone’s artificial intelligence” can be used to capture the “perfect group photo” even if one of the subjects is distracted. The survey suggests the phone will do this by “merging everyone’s best shots” using artificial intelligence on the smartphone.

As reported by Android Central Report Citing Rahman’s Patreon post, the upcoming Pixel smartphone may also have a feature that allows Pixel 8 users to quickly reply to messages using their voice. Google Assistant already allows users to send messages using voice commands, but upcoming smartphones could go one step further by allowing users to reply to messages.

While sifting through Android code, Rahman found references to a voice-based response feature that suggests users can say “Hey Google, reply,” and then dictate the response to Google Assistant. The Android expert has a track record of uncovering new Android features, and if the information shared is accurate, it can simplify the process of responding to notifications without touching your phone.

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