Polestar 2, a pure electric crossover SUV. Starting next year, Polestar owners in North America will have access to Tesla’s charging network.

Source: Polaris

swedish electric car maker pole star said on Thursday that it had tesla Starting next year, drivers of electric vehicles will be able to charge at some 12,000 Tesla charging stations in North America.

Starting in 2025, new Polestar vehicles sold in North America will come standard with a Tesla-designed North American Charging Standard (NACS) plug. Starting in mid-2024, existing Polestar owners will be able to charge at Tesla’s Superchargers using an adapter.

The Polestar deal follows an identical deal announced by sister company Volvo Cars on Tuesday. Ford, General Motors In recent weeks, Rivian has announced a similar deal with Tesla.

Thomas Ingenlath, CEO, said: “We salute Tesla’s pioneering work to accelerate the adoption and adoption of electric vehicles and are delighted to see the Supercharger network coming to life in this way. “This move will significantly increase the adoption of electric vehicles in key automotive regions.”

Most non-Tesla EVs and charging stations in North America use a plug design called CCS, which stands for Combined Charging System. Recent studies have found that the reliability of the CCS charging network is much lower than Tesla’s network. Critics also point out that CCS fast-charging plugs are significantly larger and heavier than NACS plugs, making them difficult for some older or disabled drivers to use.

Tesla EVs can use a CCS charger with an adapter, but currently only Tesla EVs can use a Tesla charger.

Tesla’s plug design was proprietary until November, when the company released the technical details of its system and made it possible Available for other automakers and EV charger manufacturers.

SAE International, the engineering group that publishes standards for the automotive industry, said earlier this week that it was writing a public standard for Tesla’s NACS charging plug.


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