Billionaire Ray Dalio sees India as the next big investment opportunity. This week’s historic U.S. mission to the moon reinforced his conviction.

India successfully landed a spacecraft on the lunar south pole, considered the most water-rich region on the moon, on Wednesday. Just days ago, Russia tried and failed to be the first country to land a spacecraft there.

India’s rover will now search for water, which could be a source of oxygen and fuel for future missions, or a path to lunar colonies.

“This success belongs to all of humanity,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in a webcast of the event.

Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Investments, wrote: “India’s successful moon mission … is one of the many straws showing its rise.” in the post on X.

he famous India tops for his ‘fitness’ index For the country” – he predicted the growth rate of the country for 10 years – the estimated growth rate was 7%.

He added that India has “the right mix of ingredients to show that it has great potential and the right leadership to catalyze it”.

June, Dario describe Modi is “a man whose time has come and India’s time has come. He and India are in a similar position to Deng Xiaoping and China in the early 1980s, i.e. at the fastest growth rate and greatest change in the world edge.”

He noted that with rising tensions between the U.S. and China, Modi is “uniquely positioned to influence the shape of the world order by influencing the non-aligned world’s relationship with these two leading world powers.” At a time when the risk of harmful effects is greater than at any time in our lifetimes, Modi has the power to have the greatest impact on the most people in the world. “

Dalio’s enthusiasm for China has waned of late. Despite investing billions of dollars in Chinese companies, he said earlier this month that it was time for China to “engineer” a massive debt restructuring. But “as far as I know, there is no country that hasn’t done it, often several times,” he noted.

Meanwhile, some big names share Dalio’s passion for India.Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently explain His electric car maker will establish a national presence “as soon as possible”.and Goldman Sachs expected India to surpass US as world’s second largest economy by 2075


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