Mobile World Congress 2024 is the world’s largest mobile trade show, showcasing many of the technologies of the future.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest mobile show, where device manufacturers showcase some of their latest innovations.

There was a lot on display in Barcelona, ​​Spain this year.

Artificial intelligence took center stage, but there were also plenty of experiments with different types of screens, and a first look at some of the equipment from some of the world’s biggest tech companies.

Motorola phone wraps around the wrist

Motorola’s “adaptive display concept” smartphone can wrap around the user’s wrist. The phone can generate backgrounds to match the user’s clothing.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

The brand’s “adaptive display concept” smartphone belongs to China Lenovohas an interface that changes depending on how it bends.

It even has the ability to generate a background to match your outfit.

Lenovo’s see-through laptop

Lenovo’s concept laptop has a transparent screen.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

Expandable smartphone

Tecno Phantom Ultimate comes with a display that can expand the screen.

Forget foldable devices. The focus now is on reels, according to one company.

Tecno, a brand owned by Chinese company Transsion, showed off the Phantom Ultimate, a phone with an expandable screen.

When the user presses a button on the top of the device, the screen expands horizontally.

Humanized AI Pin

Humane’s AI Pin comes with a voice assistant and camera.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

OPPO augmented reality glasses

Oppo Air Glass 3 is a prototype of augmented reality glasses equipped with a voice assistant.


Oppo has launched a set of augmented reality glasses called Air Glass 3.

The glasses come with an artificial intelligence assistant that can talk to you.

AR gaming headset

CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal tests out Tecno’s augmented reality gaming headset.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

Tecno showed off an augmented reality glasses product with a video game controller.

It allows users to play games on a big screen while wearing glasses.

The entire system’s processing power resides within the game controller.

Xiaomi mobile phone turns into camera

The Xiaomi Mi 14 Ultra comes with a “photography kit” that can be purchased separately with the phone.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

Xiaomi has been touting the camera capabilities of its smartphones for years.

This year, the company took it a step further and announced that it will sell a professional photography kit on its flagship smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 14.

This is a kit that connects to a smartphone and turns it into something similar to a digital SLR camera.

Samsung Galaxy Ring

Samsung showed off the Galaxy Ring at Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

Samsung launched the Galaxy Ring this week.

This is the South Korean tech giant’s first foray into smart rings.

It is equipped with sensors that can track information such as heart rate and sleep.

Samsung says this, combined with its smartwatches and phones, can provide users with some insightful health readings.

The company plans to launch in the second half of 2024.

robot dog

According to the Chinese company, the design of the Tecno Dynamic 1 is inspired by the German Shepherd.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC

Chinese company Tecno demonstrated a robot dog.

It’s called the Tecno Dynamic 1, and its design is inspired by German shepherds, according to the company.

In the demo, the dog dances to the beat, jumps around and shakes hands.

Other companies such as Xiaomi are also developing robot dogs.

Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi SU7 was showcased at the World Action Conference 2024.

Arjun Kapoor | CNBC


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