Starfield is just a few days away from release, and prior to that, there have been several leaks of the Bethesda RPG. Copies of the game are currently in the hands of selected reviewers and even some players who obtained the game illegally, and then shared numerous screenshots and gameplay videos online.The first such clip is now raising concerns among fans about the scope of Starfield Give way On a Chinese forum over the weekend, it was suggested that players could run non-stop in one direction for 40 minutes before receiving a “Boundary Reached” message. The videos have since been removed, but players are now questioning the legitimacy of developer Bethesda’s claims.

Bethesda’s publishing chief Pete Hines apparently played Starfield minimum 130 hours, in response to a tweet from a fan asking if players would be able to explore the entire planet.he responded “Yes, if you will. Go ahead, intrepid explorer.” As the aforementioned leaks flooded in, the comment was met with criticism from fans who accused the studio of lying about the depth of the game’s exploration .While many have been defending the game, saying the “boundary has been reached” the news comes from tutoring section As far as the game is concerned, some of the journalists who have been reviewing the game have also begun to hit back at the complainers in vague terms. “That’s actually not entirely accurate,” Windows Central’s Jesus Corden Said on X (formerly Twitter). “Just wait for the comments. Half-truths are spread sometimes with malicious intent.”

It sure doesn’t help during June Starry Sky Direct DemoGame director Todd Howard claims that players can choose any location on the unknown planet and land there, leading many to believe that exploration will be seamless – similar to No Man’s Sky, with planetary creatures, vegetation and conditions are procedurally generated. In the case of Starfield, however, this could mean that planets can be seamlessly explored in chunks. Even though we don’t think the leaked clip/image is from the tutorial section, and looking at the “boundary reached” menu that pops up on the screen, we see three options. You can quickly return to your ship, press “Cancel” and walk around until an invisible wall stops you, or you can “Open Planet Map” to explore another area on the map.

This shows that the exploration of the planet isn’t necessarily over, you can certainly land at any given point on the map and explore it, and then end up hitting that obstacle – I’m assuming the game can’t continue loading that area in real-time. A lot of this discussion will surely be clarified once the August 31st review is published, which will undoubtedly touch on the exploration mechanic, as it’s one of Bethesda’s key selling points. Expectations are sky-high for Starfield, and in addition to new information about the prison system and debate over its lock to 30 fps on consoles, the developer keeps touting its sheer size.

Starfield launches September 6 on PC and Xbox Series S/X.Users who pre-order the premium version can use it five days in advance, starting from September 1.

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