When Tesla slashes prices like it did this week, consumers looking for an electric vehicle typically benefit.But for anyone buying a Tesla forward With such a price cut, the frustration can be severe. After all, waiting a little longer to buy could save them a ton of money, but they have no way of knowing it.

Elon Musk’s automaker has repeatedly slashed prices this year, and its high-end models run the risk that existing customers will be dissatisfied, let alone see their vehicles depreciate in value, while shoppers hesitate to buy. Because another price cut might be the right choice around the corner.

After the automaker made its latest price cut on Thursday, new Tesla owners took to social media to vent their frustrations, often on Musk-owned social network X (formerly known as Twitter). Tag Musk in the post.

one tweet Friday’s post read: “People get really mad when Tesla cuts prices by $20,000+. I just got my Model S Plaid the day before and made over $20,000 with less than 100 miles on it.” Dollars. Tesla never again.”

Drama follows Tesla price reductionPlaid versions of its Model X SUV and Model S sedan cost about $18,500. The automaker also slashed prices on the rest of its X and S lineup. Consumers can now buy a Model S with a base price of $74,990 and a Model X for $79,990, which are $3,500 and $8,500 cheaper than earlier this week, respectively. What’s more, the automaker has decided not to charge extra for certain paint colors.

So customers who bought a plaid version of both models and paid extra for the paint color on Monday are likely to be outraged on Friday, or soon after they learn of the price cut.

“These unexpectedly large price cuts are absolutely unfair to recent Tesla buyers,” one person wrote. tweet Posted on Friday.

A reply Friday’s read: “I just bought the S (today), but I agree, it’s so bad they’re going to lose some loyalty.”

Equally frustrating are those who bought both models at the beginning of the year. Then, a Model S start at $104,990, X is $120,990. Those customers are now seeing $30,000 and $41,000 off the price of the same car, respectively.

Of course, anyone looking to sell a used Tesla might also be uneasy about the price cut.

Some customers called on Musk to give them something of value to make up for the frustration.one tweet “Thanks to the price cut, my Model S with less than 2,000 miles is $25,000 cheaper than what I paid for it earlier this year, and Plaid is only $6,000 more expensive. At least post a track/power upgrade so I don’t feel like it’s a complete copy!”

Another customer asked Musk when referring to Enhance Autopilot: “Can Model S & X owners who pick up their goods within a week of the price reduction get a free EAP upgrade? I really want to be able to change lanes without leaving AP.” The customer claims to have purchased a Model S earlier this week, and wrote: “How can you treat your loyal customers like this.”

Another post was also addressed to Musk read: “After paying the full price of a Model X Plaid for 2022, I was supposed to get free supercharging for life and now it’s 30% off?!?!?”

another customer wrote: “I feel totally cheated. I just bought an S LR model for $90,000 60 days ago and now Plaid is cheaper than what I bought. I can buy FSD and long range for cheaper. The value of my assets has dropped by $20,000.”

However, this isn’t the first time Tesla owners have felt “cheated” by falling prices. Customers made similar complaints in January after slashing prices. A self-proclaimed “Tesla fan girl” told Bloomberg after the price cut on the Model Y she just bought: “I feel cheated. As a consumer, I feel taken advantage of. I lost $13,306 immediately. The drop It’s so big, it’s going to affect a lot of people who just bought a car.”

Tesla also price reduction Its fully self-driving (FSD) software is up from $15,000 to $12,000 this week. In 2019, Musk suggestion Because of this feature, customers who purchase an FSD-equipped Tesla “purchase an appreciation asset.” He tweeted: “If we go as planned to have all cars equipped with the FSD kit self-driving, any such Tesla would should be worth $100,000 to $200,000.”

Tesla owners who bought a Model X or Model S earlier this week were rightly skeptical.

wealth Tesla was contacted but did not immediately hear back.


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