Paolo Ardoino, chief technology officer of stablecoin issuer Tether (USDT), recently found himself responding to rumors about a large online compilation of images of industrial shipping containers. These speculations led him to reject questions about where Tether mines Bitcoin (BTC).

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) published On August 26th, Ardoino revealed the curiosity sparked by the photo he shared on August 24th. The image shows a container with a Photoshopped Tether Energy logo and has many thinking about what it’s all about.

He clarified that the photo shows the control room of the Bitcoin mining farm Tether is currently building and will start operating soon.

However, in response to numerous users asking about the location, Ardoino was adamant that he would not reveal the location.

While he did mention that the site is based in Latin America, he did not add further details for security reasons

“Where? In Latin America. We tend not to share specific locations to avoid personnel harassment, which is a legitimate concern given the number of Tether-obsessed detractors,” he declared, acknowledging that this led many Tethers to be skeptical. Critics have questioned its legitimacy:

“You can almost hear some of them screaming: ‘NOOOOOOOOO, if you don’t tell us the address, zip code and last name of the cattle grazing nearby, then it’s not real! ! ! ! ! ! “

He explained to skeptics who were curious about the processed logo appearing on the container that it was a deliberate decision by the media.

“We thought this photo was going to be shared in a newspaper, so the team wanted to brand it,” he noted, returning again for security reasons:

“Also, placing a giant Tether logo is not great from a site’s physical privacy standpoint.”

He expects operations to begin sometime in September.

“The site is progressing well and everyone on the team is super excited and working around the clock to get it up and running in the next few weeks,” he declared.

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In an interview with Cointelegraph on August 17, Ardoino explained that Tether is developing a Moriawhich provides a more comprehensive data analysis on the energy production of Bitcoin mining sites.

Ardoino highlights the need for better analytics and performance reviews in Bitcoin mining. He believes this will help assess the site’s performance and surroundings:

“If the energy source used by the mine is wind or solar, there are optimization parameters, such as the predicted wind speed for a specific date or time of day, that can be used to overclock certain miners and increase production.”

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