Many Americans are proud of where they come from, but Texans are more likely than anyone else to settle there.

Lone Star State Significantly Leads Other States in Retaining Indigenous Population, According to a Study new analysis By the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Some 82 percent of people born in the state still live in the state as of 2021, the report found. By comparison, the other states in the top five (North Carolina, Georgia, California, and California) ranged from 72 percent to 76 percent. Utah.

Wyoming was rated as the least sticky state, with just 45.2 percent of locals staying in the state, followed by North Dakota and Alaska, which also had readings below 50 percent. Northeastern states also ranked relatively low.

The figures have important implications for the state government, which invests heavily in educating young residents, but suffers when people take their skills and pay their taxes elsewhere.

Stable or growing populations and labor forces are key factors for economic growth, and states with strong job markets and lower tax burdens tend to be more persuasive in convincing people to stay, the researchers found.

The Dallas Fed also noted that the pandemic, at least initially, has not had a big impact on stickiness scores — no state has seen a change in score of more than 3 percentage points between 2017 and 2021.


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