UAW President Shawn Fain speaks to union members during a “Unity Sunday” rally in Warren, Mich., Aug. 20, 2023.

Michael Whelan/CNBC

DETROIT – UAW files unfair labor practice charges against automaker General Motors and star UAW President Shawn Fain said late Thursday that the complaint was filed with the National Labor Relations Board for failing to negotiate with the union in good faith or in a timely manner.

Fein said Thursday’s filing comes after the companies did not respond in a timely manner to the union’s demands.The union did not lodge a complaint FordAs Fain said, the company filed a counterproposal to the UAW’s request.

Fein, however, sharply criticized Ford’s proposal, which he said included 9 percent pay increases over the four-year term of the agreement; one-time bonuses; and unlimited use of lower-paid temporary workers with different benefits. Fein said the company had also rejected “all” of the union’s job security proposals and “quality of life proposals,” such as extra paid holidays and a shorter work week.

A spokesman for the automaker did not immediately respond to a comment. The union and the National Labor Relations Board did not immediately respond with additional details on the documents.

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