Uber Technologies Inc. is developing a TaskRabbit-like service that would let app users hire people to perform a variety of tasks beyond driving and delivering deliveries.

The potential new service, code-named “Chore,” was spotted in hidden strings of code in the Uber iPhone app. According to the specification, a “task performer” is hired for at least one hour. The app will ask users to specify what work is required, how long it will take, and when they want the person to arrive.

Similar to a ride or food delivery in the Uber app, the code indicates that the user will be asked to specify the requested address, review their submissions, and press a button to request. The app will determine the cost based on the time required to perform the task.

The code is generated by Developer Steve Moser And shared with Bloomberg News, it was too early to provide examples of possible chores.But competing services such as Mission Rabbit and Angi Inc., support tasks include television installation, appliance repair, cleaning, moving assistance, and furniture assembly.

An Uber spokesman declined to comment on the code findings. There’s no guarantee the company will eventually launch such a service or when, but the expansion works suggest Uber is considering such a move. The company often pilots new features in select regions, but has not yet tested any such services.

Entering the task market would be a major expansion for Uber.Although the company release It posted an operating profit for the first time last quarter as sales rose 14%, the slowest growth rate since the first quarter of 2021. Uber is looking for new sources of growth and other ways to generate revenue. Last year, the ride-hailing company piloted an unrelated service called Errands, which handles chores like delivering flowers or returning an online order.

code result previously disclosed Uber is developing an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to speed up and improve Uber Eats food ordering.


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