UK court grants appeal from Craig Wright in Bitcoin rights lawsuit
UK court grants appeal from Craig Wright in Bitcoin rights lawsuit

a court in england indeed A July 20 appeal gave Craig Wright, who argued in the lawsuit, that the bitcoin file format is well-defined enough to qualify for copyright protection.

Wright, who has claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin (BTC) since 2016, filed a lawsuit against 13 Bitcoin Core developers and a group of companies including Blockstream, Coinbase and Block, alleging infringement of his copyright to the Bitcoin white paper, the file format of the Bitcoin blockchain and database rights.

the decision was overturned ruling From February, it was a notion that Wright’s arguments were not sufficient to show how the Bitcoin file format was first documented known as a fixture in copyright law.

“Plaintiffs may have considered themselves unlucky that their application for leave was brought before a judge who had at least some understanding of the technology involved,” read the February judgment, which refused to allow an appeal. With the reversal this week, Wright reopened discussions on the case.

Wright tweeted on July 20 wrotebut made no mention of the decision: “Legal protection of intellectual property rights is necessary to ensure the rights of creators and innovators and to encourage the generation of new ideas, inventions and creative works.”

Judgment of the Court of Appeal for England and Wales of 20 July. Source: BAILII

Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund (BLDF), legal representative of the developer, debate Wright has not been able to prove that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the Bitcoin white paper and database.

In a statement, the BLDF noted that “Wright has claimed to be Satoshi since at least 2016, but has not provided any evidence to support this claim,” adding that “Wright must prove that he is Satoshi before the court can make a decision on the three main claims mentioned in the lawsuit.” The case is expected to go to trial in early 2024.

The Bitcoin code is open source and freely distributed under the MIT license, which means users have the right to reuse the code for any purpose, including in proprietary software. However, Wright believes that the Bitcoin Core developers represent the “Bitcoin Partners,” the centralized entities that purportedly control the Bitcoin network.

A spokesperson for the BLDF told Cointelegraph: “They appear to be trying to confuse the public by making Bitcoin development appear to be a centralized process controlled by a few people, which is a key argument in their lawsuit.”

According to the BLDF, the fact that the UK courts allowed his arguments to be heard is extremely worrying — not only for the cryptocurrency community, but for the world as a whole. “This sets a dangerous precedent where developers could be sued for violating the file format of open source software that others claim to have created,” the statement said.

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