Volvo’s EX30, a small electric crossover SUV, is expected to arrive in the U.S. next year.

Courtesy: Volvo

swedish car manufacturer volvo car signed on tuesday trade and tesla Starting next year, drivers of Tesla electric vehicles will be able to charge at approximately 12,000 Tesla charging stations in North America.

Under the agreement, starting in 2025, Volvo’s electric cars will be equipped with a plug designed by Tesla, known as the North American charging standard.

The Volvo-Tesla deal appears to be identical to the one Ford Motor has struck in recent weeks, General Motors and Rivian.while other competitors, including Hyundai Motor and Chrysler parent company starsaid they were considering a similar move, with Volvo being the first European electric carmaker to formally commit to adopting the NACS charging standard for its electric vehicles sold in North America.

“We want to make life with an electric car as easy as possible,” Volvo CEO Jim Rowan said in a statement. A major hurdle is access to easy and accessible charging infrastructure.”

Volvo said that starting in the first half of 2024, drivers of its electric cars will be able to use Tesla’s Superchargers via adapters. Volvo will add the locations of Tesla charging stations to its proprietary app at the same time.

Most non-Tesla EVs and charging stations in the U.S. use a rival plug design, the public domain standard for combined charging systems. While Tesla can use a CCS charger with an adapter, currently only Tesla EVs can use Tesla chargers.

Tesla’s NACS charging plug design was not proprietary until late last year, when Tesla released technical details of its system and said anyone can adopt the standard.

The downside of CCS is getting more and more attention from Detroit automakers, all of which are investing billions of dollars to develop a wave of new electric vehicles in the coming years. Multiple studies have found that CCS charging networks are far less reliable than Tesla’s network. Additionally, the CCS plug is larger and heavier than Tesla’s NACS plug, making it cumbersome for elderly or disabled drivers to use.

Multiple charging-related companies, including charging networks evogo and ChargePoint and manufacturers of electric vehicle chargers, including ABB And Blink Charging said they have begun adding NACS plugs to their chargers, or plan to do so in the coming months.


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