The token generator simplifies the tokenization process through automation, while integrating custom token economics and ensuring privacy.

The Token Generator simplifies the token creation process with automated drag-and-drop functionality, removing tokenization hurdles often faced by cryptocurrency enthusiasts with little to no programming knowledge.

Tokens represent specific utilities or assets. Tokenization effectively converts something of value into digital tokens that can be effectively used by blockchain-based applications. Tokens can represent tangible or intangible assets, depending on the utility desired by the individual.

Tangible assets are assets that have a physical form, such as real estate, physical art, or gold. Intangible assets, on the other hand, might refer to things like licenses, titles, loyalty points, or voting rights.

Developers traditionally create tokens by writing code in a programming language that a particular protocol understands. For example, creating an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain requires determining the token’s unique specifications, writing a smart contract, testing the token, and verifying its source code.

Steps to Generate a Token Using the Token Generator

It goes without saying that one needs a great deal of technical knowledge to successfully understand (and implement) how digital tokens are created. However, using a token generation tool, one can create the same ERC-20 token in as little as 10 minutes – and with zero coding.

For example, on CoinTool, one needs to connect their cryptocurrency wallet to the app and start creating tokens on the desired blockchain. Functionality can be added in a series of simple steps, such as defining a token’s name and token supply, and adding minting and burning functions and mechanisms.


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