The human ID project Worldcoin registered more than 9,500 users in a single day in Argentina in August, setting a single-day registration record.To achieve this feat, the coordinator onboarding According to the project’s Aug. 31 announcement, the average speed of participants was less than 9 seconds per person.

Argentina has Worldcoin facilitators in 38 different locations, according to the project website. Most locations are in the country’s capital, Buenos Aires.

Worldcoin is a blockchain-based project that allows individuals to prove they are human by scanning their irises. When users verify their humanity, they’re given a “world ID” that can be integrated into future apps to prove they’re not a robot or an AI program. The project was founded by OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman, who believes that human IDs will be needed in the future as artificial intelligence programs become more complex and less different from humans.

Launched on July 25, Worldcoin was almost immediately criticized by data privacy advocates. Critics say it is too centralized and can easily leak users’ biometric data, with negative consequences for users.

In an Aug. 31 post, the team claimed that despite the controversy, many Argentines signed up for World ID. “Demand for global identity verification increased significantly from countries around the world[after the launch],” they said. This “continued until August, with 9,500 Argentines verifying their global ID in a single day.”

The post also stated that the surge in registrations caused the Worldcoin app to “temporarily become the number one app on the App Store in Argentina.”

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Worldcoin provides its native token WLD to new users upon registration. Currently, the sign-up bonus is 25 WLD, which is worth approximately 10,239.48 Argentine pesos (ARS) or $29.25 on the open market.That’s enough, according to cost of living data from travel site Expatistan purchase Two meals from the “Basic Lunch Menu” in the business districts of major Argentinian cities. The token hit an all-time high on launch day when the 25 WLD prize was worth approximately 23,791 ARS, or $68.

this project claim It “fully complies with all laws and regulations regarding biometric data collection and data transfer.” In response to criticism, the Argentine government has launched an investigation into Worldcoin’s privacy practices. Worldcoin was also suspended in Kenya, and the Worldcoin team has issued a response debate It complies with all privacy laws of the country.