YouTube is preparing to up the ante with Apple’s Shazam, letting users find songs they heard somewhere, liked them, but forgot to add them to a playlist. A new feature currently being tested by YouTube could become every music lover’s dream of finding the exact song by humming a half-remembered tune. Some Android users will begin testing the search-by-song feature before YouTube rolls it out to more users.

Google-owned video-sharing app YouTube may have users hum or even record tunes in order to find those earworms.

“If you participate in the experiment, you can switch from YouTube voice search to the new song search feature, and then hum or record the song you are searching for for 3 seconds or more to identify it.” postal YouTube said on Aug. 23.

Back in 2020, Google rolled out similar features on its Google Search widget and Google Assistant.At the time, however, people were asked to hum the tune for about fifteen seconds, according to TechCrunch. Report explain.

Both Google and YouTube are harnessing the power of machine learning (ML) to make this possible. On YouTube, once a song is identified, it redirects the user to relevant official music content, user-generated videos, and/or short clips containing the searched song.

Similar music recognition features are available on third-party apps like SoundHound and MusixMatch, but this feature on YouTube can be used by them estimated A massive global user base of 2.7 billion.

It’s nothing new for YouTube to test new features to fine-tune its app for its community of users and creators. Currently, the platform is making some design tweaks to its “skip ad” button, while also rolling out rounded corners for the video player.

The video platform is also testing features like channel shelves for multiple YouTube uploads in the feed, Q&A stickers for Shorts on mobile, and a new “For You” section on channel homepages.

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