According to a report published by the popular video streaming platform, more than 1.9 million videos were removed in India between January and March 2023 for violating YouTube’s community guidelines, the highest number of videos removed by any country.

During the same period, YouTube removed more than 6.48 million videos worldwide for violating its Community Guidelines.

The Community Guidelines Enforcement Report provides global data on the reports YouTube receives and how YouTube enforces its policies.

Between January and March 2023, more than 1.9 million videos were removed in India for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines. In comparison, 6,54,968 videos were removed in the US, Russia (4,91,933) and Brazil (4,49,759).

“Our Community Guidelines have protected the YouTube community from harmful content since the company’s earliest days,” YouTube said. “We use a combination of machine learning and human reviewers to enforce our policies.”

Earlier this month, YouTube said that with the development of technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence tools, curbing misinformation is critical for the platform and society, and claimed that the video streaming platform will act quickly to crack down on those who try to mislead users and create reality. The world hurts technologically manipulated content.

YouTube India director Ishan John Chatterjee said at the time that YouTube has well-established community guidelines that determine what content is allowed on the platform.

Chatterjee said combating disinformation was critical to the platform. “We’ve invested heavily and made progress on this. But we know our work will never be done, so we will continue to invest in this area,” he said.

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