Apple’s Vision Pro won’t be available until sometime next year, but CEO Tim Cook has been enjoying the product for quite some time.

in an extensive interview cbs sunday morningCook said he uses the headset regularly and watched “the entire third season of Ted Russo” on the device. As if that wasn’t enough modest bragging, he added that there’s also “something that I have access to that other people don’t have access to, so I’m doing it but I can’t talk to them” about it. “

While there’s been a lot of speculation about the Vision Pro, Cook confirmed it’s still on track to be released early next year.

Noting that the production challenges facing the Vision Pro are “more complex” than those faced with iPhone updates, Cook said the mixed reality headset “requires innovation not only on the development side, but also on the manufacturing side.”

Apple launched the much-anticipated Vision Pro in June. However, the base price of $3,499 caught many fans off guard and may limit the addressable market for this first iteration of the product. However, the “Pro” in the Vision Pro’s name means a more consumer-friendly model is also on the way. While that’s probably not cheap either, it’s probably well below the Vision Pro’s price.

Meanwhile, Apple quietly showed off some support for its upcoming headphones at its recent iPhone event, showing off the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s ability to shoot 3D spatial video, which you can later watch on the Vision Pro.

Meanwhile, the new “double-tap” gesture used on Apple Watch Series 9 is the same gesture used on Vision Pro, giving consumers a chance to get used to tapping their index finger and thumb simultaneously to initiate actions.


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